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January 13, 2022

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<span class="legendSpanClass">Huxton, a leading lifestyle cannabis brand, is exploring opportunities to bring its cannabis products and accessories to the metaverse.</span>
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HUXTON, a leading lifestyle cannabis brand, is exploring opportunities to bring its weed to the metaverse.
"Adults want to interact in virtual environments with brands and objects that they identify with in the real world. Providing them with the ability to get 'digitally stoned' is a unique opportunity that we are actively exploring" says Dustin Johnson, Co-Founder of HUXTON.
HUXTON is best known for their simplified cannabis offerings available in three unique blends. RISE is a sessionable blend designed to keep you uplifted and productive; HIFI offers a potent ride that combines energy with euphoria; and ZEN is a smooth harmony of relaxation and rejuvenation. Their award winning products are currently available in Arizona, Washington, Oregon, & Nevada, with multiple other markets coming online soon.
Johnson stated, "We're excited to expand our offerings to digital worlds so that folks can express their virtual identities just like they would with other brands or products. If the future includes having a beer at a virtual bar with friends, then it should also include smoking a joint on a virtual beach with your buds."
HUXTON, a leading experience-based, lifestyle cannabis brand was born in the Arizona desert in 2014 to simplify the buying process by giving consumers more control over their cannabis experience. By creating a set of cannabis products curated and labeled by effect, HUXTON puts control back into the consumer's hands with cannabis that is designed to complement their individual lifestyle. With discreet and sophisticated packaging that is designed for enthusiasts on-the-go, HUXTON's experience-based products are available in pre-rolls, flower tins, and vape pens. HUXTON products can be found in Arizona, Nevada, Washington and Oregon. To learn more about HUXTON, visit
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