How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction With Sildenafil Citrate

December 14, 2021

Fildena 100 is an oral pill that helps men achieve erections. It works by enhancing libido and is available in low doses that should be taken once or twice a day. It should be taken one hour before sexual activity, and should not be used more often than recommended by your doctor. It is important to take the medication on time to avoid possible side effects. There are also several precautions that you should take when using this medicine.

First, you should not take Fildena if you don’t have erectile dysfunction. It will mask the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and can actually harm your long-term sexual performance. Moreover, you should not take Fildena unless you have erectile dysfunction. You may experience a headache or chest pain, which could cause further problems in your relationship. Lastly, you should consult a doctor if you are suffering from any of these side effects.


When taking Fildena 150, it is important to take the medicine in the recommended dose. If you are already suffering from low blood fat, you should take the drug a few hours before sex. This is because the pill works faster when there is less fat in the blood. It is best to take one 30 minutes before sex to avoid any possible side effects. A doctor’s advice is essential, as you may be allergic to the drug.

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