28. January 2023

How to Simplify Your DME Prior Authorization


Over the years, it has been quite a journey for DME suppliers. Especially during the pandemic and after, finding enough resources that can enforce the right measures in practice management has become difficult.

  • The biggest challenge at present is to search for resources that are expert in extending the right support in particular with DME prior authorization.
  • Hence the biggest challenge is to get the best out of your present, reduce your operational expenses. In fact, outsourcing to a consistent vendor with years of experience might be pertinent.

Also, you must explore and choose the right alternative by which you can work with someone that knows it all right from start to finish. Hence, you must look for the one that can add true value and help you gain transparency in DME prior authorization that can delay your patient treatments in the long run.

Sunknowledge holds the center stage

Right from order intake, to confirmation and working out with eligibilities, checking of auth status, communication with payers is critical. We extend our superior support that defines your DME prior authorization process. Moreover, we have a team that reduces your overall operational expenses by almost 80% with our consolidated presence.

Looking for a consistent partner that can add true value? Our team is just a call away from you. We will love to give you a complete idea on how we intend to support you in DME prior authorization.


Our team has an excellent understanding of what is to be done with Medicare and Medicaid Part B mandates, drives your ROI as a comprehensive RCM services partner. Get to know what makes us such a convincing partner to the leading names in the entire DME space. We will be glad to give you a complete outline on the same anytime.  

Josh Knoll

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