May 30, 2022

Finding a room for rent in Singapore can be a taxing chore. Either you need to know somebody staying in Singapore to help you out with the search process or you need to enlist the expert services of a certified real estate agent or broker based in Singapore to undertake the search process. 

Generally, many homeowners will rent out spare rooms on a short-term basis, through peer-to-peer home-sharing rental platforms like Airbnb, etc. But that can as well be a taxing process in some ways. Not everyone will be lucky enough to get a room for rent of their expectations.

Hence, to play safe, you need to be clear about your needs, and length of stay in Singapore, before you intend to search for a room for rent.




If you’re planning to look for a room for rent in Jurong West or anywhere else in Singapore, make sure that you 



First and foremost, you should familiarize yourself with what accommodation options are being offered and are available for rent across Singapore.


For this, you need to do a bit of research. This will help narrow down your choices to a few good ones and save you a lot of time later. Make sure your selection of a few good rooms for rent are those that tick all of the boxes, that is, are of the right sizes and located in a convenient location; and fits within your budget.


Plan your moves during that time of the year when the rents are usually the lowest, and rooms are available easily. Try to avoid those months when the prices are really high and there is a rush for rooms for rent. This will leave you with fewer options, and even if available, the rental prices will be on the higher side.


Instead of undertaking research on own, it’s advisable to enlist the task of finding rooms for rent to a certified real estate agent or broker. But make sure that you select the right source lest you get conned by people who publish nice rooms for low prices and then ask for deposit money even before you undertake a visit of the room. There will also be some bogus entities that promise you the moon but will eventually land you in a scam.





They say ‘SEEING IS BELIEVING’; that’s right!!


Never make-up your mind until and unless you see in-person what is being offered. You also need to move fast and make-up your mind on the spot. Else you will find the rooms already booked. 


Book your visit in advance and on the booked date check all the rooms’ in-person that you have shortlisted. Then narrow down the shortlisted options which will allow you to separate the wheat from the chaff.



Make another visit of the narrowed shortlisted options on a particular day that you have booked. Ask the landlord questions about the room’s amenities and facilities, utilities and their payments, maintenance and cleaning aspects, etc. Then make-up your mind and indicate your final choice.


Also, check everything. Like for instance the bathroom is in proper condition, the taps and shower are working normally; electrical fittings are in proper order, etc. Look-up cupboards, closets, etc, and check if they open and close properly and are in order. If you notice something is wrong, make a note of it and ask the landlord about it, as to who will be responsible for repairing and rectifying them, and who will bear the costs. To be on the safe side, get the repairs and replacements done by the landlord with all costs borne, before you intend to move into the room.



It is important that the area in which the rooms for rent are located, offer convenient and easy access to local essentials like shopping malls, medical clinics, etc and a transportation system that will allow you to travel back and forth from places of work, study, or business, comfortably.


The surrounding areas are also vital. Ensure that they are decent areas, are safe, and guarantee proper security. Get a general feel of the area and look into your needs from all perspectives.



Finally, you need to make your final choice, that is, the right room for rent that meets your expectations and fits your budget. After this, comes the process of negotiation. If the landlord asks for a higher rent and security deposit amount, try to negotiate for a better bargain and a discount that will help bring down the quoted amount.


Most landlords will be willing to reduce the amount, if they feel you are someone who is reliable and trustworthy. If you succeed in getting a better deal, try to also ask for contract extension option. This will allow you to renew the contract when the time comes to it, for a cheaper rent and reduced security deposit.


Renting a room is budget-friendly. Even though you may face certain space constraints or difficulties in privacy, you will still have the requisite necessities like a bathroom, kitchen, and a common area. You can also carve out a private space for yourself if you are smart enough to come up with innovative ways.  


You can also share the room with people you feel comfortable with. This will allow you to share common issues; and save money by splitting bills and other utilities. 


Also, note that brokerage fees can be high in Singapore, especially if you enlist the services of a certified and reputable broker or real estate agent. The fee amount can be anywhere from three months of the rent amount and upwards.


If you’re looking to avoid hiring a broker or a real estate agent, then look up Coliwoo’s website and get-in-touch with the appropriate source. With Coliwoo, you can stay assured that you will get a quality and decent room for rent Balestier or room for rent in Jurong West at a fair, reasonable rate.



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Similarly, if you’re looking for a room for rent in Jurong West, then Coliwoo Boon Lay will be a good choice. It offers 437 fully-furnished ensuite rooms for rent in Jurong West, in 3 categories: Single, Twin, and Queen, each equipped with all requisite amenities including high-speed internet broadband. You will also have access to spacious communal areas equipped with functional amenities like reading lounge, gym, social kitchen, and 24-hour CCTV surveillance at every corner.

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