How to Eliminate Administrative Burdens in Prior Authorization

December 17, 2021

Prior authorization is imposing a serious burden on healthcare providers. Insurance companies actually use PA’s to address any inappropriate variations in care and prescription. Most often it covers expensive medications. 

To cite an example, we take the case of a large academic department which is spanning across 11 locations in Utah which had median administrative cost per PA of $6.72 overall, $15.80 for biologics and had most PA’s approved subsequently. 

Prior authorization especially for PART B drugs are a critical source of differentiation in coverage policies between privately and government administered Medicare. Hence it is quite clear that prior authorization services are still a huge headache for healthcare practices. Although there have been substantial changes in the increased use of technology in prior authorization by the AMA especially over the past one year and half, there is still a lot to be done. 

A recent survey done by the AMA which was done the last December concluded that almost 94% of the physicians have experienced care delays while waiting for a health insurance company to authorize care while 79% reported that patients actually called of their treatment. Also, 30% conveyed that requirements with prior authorization have led to adverse effects with patients.

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