How to develop Trust wallet clone application

June 9, 2022


What’s Trust wallet app source code?

Trust wallet clone app is the ready-made app bundle that includes compiled code, apk and resources that have functionalities like trust wallet. When you get the source code (apk file) of the trust wallet clone app, you can build a new crypto wallet that lets users store & trade cryptocurrency. The trust wallet clone app we created using Flutter supports both Android and iOS platforms. Collaborate with us to create your trust wallet like app by cutting down the maximum engineering cost.

Crypto Wallet app script

Crypto wallet apps have a lot of business use cases. Due to the phenomenal scope, there are upto 82 cryptocurrency wallets available in the market as per data. Every wallet is distinguished in a way to differentiate one another in the competition. For example, a decentralized wallet can’t have the abilities to execute like a centralized wallet used in exchanges.

Startups, Financial institutions, Big organizations are heading to start crypto wallet for internal usage as well. We designed a default crypto wallet app script that has the most-needed functionalities of a crypto wallet structure. You can buy it from us and relabel for your own use.

Features of our trust wallet clone app

Highly secured: We created Trust Wallet Clone with all the bank-grade securities needed. Highly securable foundation in our app codebase can keep hackers away. We designed a wallet authentication process very unique using private keys accessed by two factor authentication or biometric.

Instant transactions: The speed of the transactions in the wallet is not left behind. Our Trust Wallet Clone App can pave the way for instant exchange of cryptos in a second without lag. Easy to use UI and faster screen flow will delight your users and keep them engaged.


Mapping of transaction history: The transactions taking part in our Trust Wallet Clone can be viewed easily and kept tracked when needed. As the admin of the wallet, you can manage the disputes in automation.

Multiple cryptos usage: Our Trust Wallet Clone app can support and allows easy access to 1000+ Cryptos like altcoins,fiat coins etc. Additionally, you can list the new cryptocurrency in your wallet without developer support.

Multiple language: The trust wallet clone is supported with 10+ languages to use readily. No need to translate manually. We created the app with an in-built API for language translation. You can set and launch the crypto wallet in different countries without worrying about geographical boundaries.

Why hivelance for Trust Wallet development?

Hivelance is a pioneer trust wallet clone development company that offers cutting edge solutions in crypto for many years. Our team is expertised in blockchain technology and develops trust wallet lookalike with all functionalities, benefits and security measures. Learn more about us.


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