04. February 2023

How to Decide What Size Charter Jet to Reserve?

How do you choose the best charter jet out of all the possibilities accessible to you for private air business travel? Some of your specifications may eliminate some private jet models from your shortlist, making your choice simpler than before. The easiest method to discover a solution is to consider your travel requirements.
These are the things to think about.

1- Passengers in number

Which size of the charter plane is best for you largely depends on how many people you intend to go with. For instance, more than a private plane with four seats will be required if you need to fly with nine other family members or coworkers. It is impossible to squeeze nine people onto an aeroplane that can only hold a maximum of eight. Additionally, your flight will be more comfortable if everyone has enough space.

2- How far you have to travel

No matter how many people you take with you, your choice of available planes may be reduced by the distance you’re flying. You can fly by turboprop or light jet if travelling alone to a business conference in a neighbouring state.
However, even if you’re flying alone, you’ll need a super-midsize aircraft to make the flight without stopping for fuel if your business meeting is on the opposite coast of the continental United States.

3- The fleet of the charter firm

The fleet of the charter firm is one factor that can swiftly increase or decrease your list of available private jets. Each private jet charter service will have a fleet of planes available to carry you where you need to go. However, depending on the time of year, the level of demand, and the charter company’s business strategy, the aircraft that are readily accessible may fluctuate.

Ultimately, you’ll need to decide which charter firm offers the appropriate aircraft, or you’ll take your business elsewhere. Make sure to work with a charter firm that has a large fleet of aircraft consisting of diverse sizes and specs if you want to keep all of your options open and maintain flexibility.

4- Aeroplane attributes that are desired or required

There are distinct features for each kind of private jet for the business travel purposes.

You might seek the bare minimum, like a private restroom, spacious legroom, and onboard Wi-Fi.

You’d prefer more opulent lodgings with private bed chambers, the capacity for catered full meals, and private office spaces. You may want to give your passengers more room so they can stand up and move around comfortably.

The takeaway

Select the charter service most closely matches your needs when you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of flying privately. To ensure that you are flying in the pinnacle of private jet business travel, the leadership team should consist entirely of active, licensed pilots.

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