How much does it cost to fix a ceiling leak?

June 1, 2022

By: 911 Water Damage Experts

If you’re wondering about leaky ceiling prices and how much it costs to fix a ceiling leak, you’ve come to the right spot.

Below you will learn:

What are the main factors included in fixing a ceiling;

What is the repair cost of fixing a crack in the ceiling;

What is the repair cost for leaky drywall ceiling;

What is the repair cost for a leaky sagging ceiling;

What is the repair cost for ceiling holes;

What is the repair cost for a ceiling with water damage.

Let’s get right into it.

Factors included in fixing a ceiling

In plenty of cases, it is advisable to repair the damage to the ceiling sooner rather than later, no matter if it comes to a small or a big leak – so you can avoid potentially fatal damage to your ceiling.

However, one of the contributing factors is the quality of the roof you have, and the extent of the damage made.

Make note that you will need plenty of time and resources to get the ceiling back in a good state.

The most used approach when fixing a ceiling is using plasterboards, so you can provide your ceiling with an even and smooth appearance.

When you have a big water leak on your ceiling, the best option is to use the larger sheets and attach them to the overhead framing,

After the joints are sealed, the roof will be ready for plastering.

And if the damage done to your roof is due to mould, then you might need to inspect the damage before plunging into work yourself.

Because the situation might be a bit more delicate and might require being handled by professionals.

All in all, depending on the size of the room, the extent of the damage done to the ceiling, and the time and financial funds that will be needed to repair the ceiling are one of the most important factors to take into consideration.

Let’s check them out a bit closer.

The size of the room: If the size of the room is larger and the entire ceiling is infected, this means much more grounds for you to cover while repairing.

What kind of ceiling you have: The type of ceiling you own determines the work you have to put in to repair it and the materials you are going to use.

What kind of damage: If you are only looking at a patch or a spot, then the cost for repairing it should not be very high. But, if the damage to your ceiling is very big, then the cost might even take you up to $1K.

When a leaking pipe is in question: Depends on the vastness of the damage, fixing a ceiling that has been damaged by a leaking pipe can go up to $2000. There is an extensive work to be done in this case, which includes hiring a contractor that can give you an estimate of the damage and let you know what the best approach would be, you should check your rooms for further damage and install new plasterboards, and finally, you must be aware that plastering of the finished surface is a must.

You need to be aware that, once the process of repairing is done, you will further need to seal the ceiling to prevent any further damage from happening. After considering everything, the cost for the ceiling repair can be brought to more than $1000.

The cost of repairing the ceiling per square foot

ceiling leak

Depending on the size of the rooms in question, the cost of repairing the ceiling can vary from $45-$90 USD per square foot.

As we have previously mentioned, all factors are calculated in this process, including the labor too! Let’s look into the different damages that we can see and how much would it take to fix them.

What’s the repair cost for a cracked ceiling?
Tiny cracks in the ceiling should not be that big of an issue and they can be easy to repair. The cost of repairing them should be from about $150 to $300, of course, depending on the size of the cracks. Also, choosing a contractor that would smooth out the uneven surfaces and make the most out of your ceiling is a must here, but it will cost you extra.

What’s the repair cost of a drywall ceiling?
Depending on the size that needs repairing, the drywall ceiling can cost even up to about $900 for 200 square feet. Any contractor will take you up on this job if the damage is done by water. The tiny holes in the drywall need to be fixed and any cracks and dents in the drywall need to be fixed too, giving out a smooth and seamless finish, and finally, getting rid of the big and medium holes in the drywall for maximum protection.

What’s the repair cost of a sagging ceiling?
The cost for repairing a sagging ceiling varies too and it can go up to $2000, which practically means creating a new ceiling! All of this varies depending on the extent of the damage that is done and whether any significant cracks need to be repaired. In the end, the complexity of the repair determines the final cost. So, if you include the extent of the damage and the manual labor to finish this job, the sum can be pretty high in some cases.

Certain steps need a careful following when you are fixing a sagging ceiling.

Removing the loose plaster is a first, followed by mounting the plaster washers and drywall screws in the surrounding area, then cutting an entire patch from the drywall that completely covers the hole in the wall, and finally placing the patch on the hole, and drawing around it with a pen or pencil. The average cost to replace this can vary between $300 to $1300.

What is the repair cost for ceiling holes?
Repairing holes in a ceiling can sometimes be a complex job. This is usually done by a contractor and in terms of costs, it is calculated by the hour. Or, in some cases, fixing holes in the ceiling can be calculated by a hole, about $150 to $250 each. What you need to be mindful of here is that the cost of the hole repair depends on the material that is being used, and the price the contractor provides.

What is the repair cost of water-damaged ceilings?
The most important bit, in this case, is to give your ceiling some time to dry out before starting to work on it. You need to remove the damaged layer, clean it thoroughly, and then add three coats of stain-sealing paint primer to your ceiling. Depending on the damage that is done, the cost to take care of a ceiling that has endured water damage can go up to $9000 sometimes more.

After we have seen what it takes to repair a damaged ceiling, let’s take a look at the questions people ask regarding this subject.

I have a ceiling leak, should I take it seriously?

You need to determine the extent of the damage if you are noticing a ceiling leak.

This means worrying about repairs until you conclude that the damage has not affected the structure of the building and has not created breeding grounds for bacteria and mould.

Should I consider the leaking ceiling an emergency?

Absolutely, you should!

Even if the leak in question is small, it might lead to some serious damage to your home, so treat it as a high-level emergency and fix it as soon as possible otherwise you’ll incur more damage and a higher expense.

If you have any questions about ceiling water damage services feel free to call us at 1-833-WE-DRY-IT any time 24/7/365 all the time, we’re there when you need us!

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