How Important is Logo for your Business?

November 25, 2021

Do you know how important a Logo is for your business? A Logo is the small but very important thing that appears on everything like – your website, your letterhead, on your products. In short, it is the preface of your business in front of the world.

What is Logo?

A Logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol that is used to promote public identification and recognition. It can be an abstract or figurative design or it can contain the text of the name it represents as a verbal mark.


A logo creates the first impression in front of others about you. It carries on the identity of your business and represents it to others.


Do you find it easy? 

In fact, it is not. Without having cardinal rules about logo design or hiring a professional logo design company, you can not pretend to be a professional in front of the world with your logo.


Today I am here to tell you some basic rules you should follow when designing your company logo. Even when hiring a professional, you need to pay attention to the basics of logo design to express the requirements of the person you hired. So let’s start the discussion straight away.


● Make your logo a sincere and unique reflection of your business


It is a reflection of your business. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make it unique. The design you choose for your logo should relate to your industry, your company name, an explanatory feature of your business or the competitive advantage you offer. By doing this you can make people remember the key function of your business. You need to think carefully about this before designing. You have a clear approach.


● Select the easy access


Keeping the design simple is very necessary to make it unforgettable. Too many details can make a design complicated. But do not just be simplistic. Good logos are simple but compelling; presents something unique without exaggerating.


● Provides scalability


It should be aesthetically pleasing in both large and small formats in a variety of mediums. So make sure what you design for your business is scalable.


● Maintains artistic balance


Imagine what a painting would look like if all the details and colors were separated on one side! The same goes for Logo also. An asymmetrical logo looks strange. The shape, size, color and density of the lines maintain the balanced appearance of a logo.


I hope you now have a good idea about the basic rules of logo design. When you decide on the design, stick to it; redesign or not change it. To ensure that the logo is suitable for all social platforms, you need to reduce or increase it proportionally. Your company logo is the image of your brand. The more you want to design your logo, the more effective it will be to create a visual representation of your brand.


So, don’t wait any more. The author of this blog is a professional freelance Logo designer, striving in this world for more than a decade. He is associated with the best freelance web designer company in Kolkata, India 

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