23. March 2023

How drinking alcohol may affect getting erections


Alcohol is not only bad for you, but it might also damage your erection. This disorder, sometimes known as “whiskey dick,” may make it difficult to engage in sexual intercourse. Additionally, it could lead to erection issues and indications of alcohol withdrawal. We’ll talk about how alcohol affects erection and sperm count in this post.

Heavy drinking and erection problems are related, according to studies. Additionally, it could lead to long-term reproductive issues. A sexual dysfunction will most likely occur in 60–70% of heavy drinkers. Erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, and diminished sexual desire are some of the most typical issues. Furthermore, testosterone’s ability to regulate male sexual activity is diminished by severe alcohol use.

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Alcohol’s harmful effects on erection

Because alcohol reduces blood flow to the penis, which is necessary for the penis to remain in its erect condition during stimulation, alcohol has detrimental effects on erection. One of the primary reasons of erectile dysfunction is atherosclerotic arterial hypertension, which is brought on by excessive alcohol use.

The penile arteries are also permanently harmed by excessive drinking. Testicular shrinkage might also result from alcohol consumption.

However, there are certain advantages to consuming alcohol. It eases tension, boosts drive, and makes it simpler to strike up a conversation on the spur of the moment. The efficiency of conversation filters is also diminished, which might make making out more challenging.


Effects of heavy alcohol consumption on erection and sperm count

According to a research, drinking too much alcohol reduces the quantity and quality of sperm in male testicles. Additionally, it could lower testosterone levels and induce testicular shrinkage. Lower sperm counts and erection problems might result from these alterations. Men who often engage in sexual activities while inebriated are also more likely to have erection problems.

Alcohol usage and sexual activity are closely related. According to a recent research by the National Institutes of Health, 72% of the study’s male participants had some kind of sexual dysfunction after drinking.

Consuming it may considerably lower sexual performance even if its short-lived effects on erections and sperm count are detrimental. However, if men drink in moderation, they may be able to avoid any potential harmful effects of alcohol on their sexual performance.

When consuming alcohol, the Sertoli cells, which are in charge of producing sperm, become less competent. Additionally, it inhibits erections by lowering the body’s blood volume. Dehydration is another consequence of binge drinking that reduces blood volume. Dehydration also causes more angiotensin to be produce, which narrows blood vessels.


Heavy drinking’s impact on erection and sexual desire

Abuse of it may lead to extended ejaculatory times and reduced erection quality. Alcohol affects the penis and the brain by reducing blood flow and volume. For men to get and maintain a hard erection, a healthy blood flow is necessary. In addition, excessive drinking raises blood levels of the blood vessel-constricting hormone angiotensin.

Alcoholism may affect relationships and result in permanent erectile dysfunction. Alcohol may make it challenging to concentrate on and communicate with your companion. It might also end in a divorce or separation. Additionally, it may diminish sexual desire by affecting hand-eye coordination.

Alcohol abuse may harm the nerves in the penis and clitoris in addition to lowering erections. Even though nerve damage may be restore with time, you should always visit a doctor if you have any concerns. Even though it is just one of several potential reasons of erectile dysfunction, it should nonetheless be taken into account.


Alcohol withdrawal syndrome’s effects on erection

Alcoholism for a long period of time may be bad for the penis. It may lessen sexual sensitivity and block the arousal and orgasmic-inducing components of the central nervous system. As a consequence, erections could become weaker and slower, and the penis might start to feel numb. In addition, a man’s body produces less testosterone, which lessens his desire for sexual activity.

Both men and women who drink too much may have erectile dysfunction. Vitamin shortages and irregular periods may also result, in addition to other health issues. It could also irritate the stomach lining, which is uncomfortable and dangerous. Additionally, drinking alcohol may raise your risk of throat and liver cancer. It may restrict your capacity to engage in sexual activity and is a substantial cause of illness and mortality in North America.

The blood flow in your body, which is important for erections, may be impacted by alcohol. Additionally, it causes the body to become dehydrated, which lowers blood volume. Additionally, since it inhibits blood flow to the penis, it may prevent the testosterone generation necessary for a strong erection.


Blood artery injury and cardiovascular disease

It is well acknowledge that ED and cardiovascular disease are closely relate.

Genuine Source

In contrast to excessive drinking, which is link to a greater risk of cardiovascular mortality, moderate to light drinking is link to a decrease risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a Trusted Source study from 2018.

According to a reliable source, drinking too much alcohol raises the risk of high blood pressure. Risk factors for sexual dysfunction include high blood pressure.


Conclusions from research involving both humans and animals

A reliable source claims that excessive alcohol consumption damages blood vessels.

Can erectile dysfunction result from alcohol withdrawal symptoms?

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome symptoms emerge when a heavy drinker abruptly ceases. It has been connect to heart issues, such high blood pressure, which might make having an erection difficult.


Other typical withdrawal signs comprise:









Alcohol symptoms often begin 6 to 12 hours later and peak 48 to 72 hours later.

In spite of the risk that cutting down on it can make your ED symptoms worse in the short term, your sexual health will probably be improve in the long run.

In a 2022 research, ED symptoms improved in 88.5 percent of the 104 participants with ED with an alcohol use problem after 3 months of abstinence.

Alcohol was a significant contributing role in 70% of people’s behaviour during sexual encounters that they subsequently regretted, according to study conducted for the Family Planning Association.

San continues, “Because alcohol may cause you to lose your inhibitions, at a certain amount, you are more likely to take risks that you wouldn’t normally take, such as engaging in partners and behaviours you would not consider when you’re sober and having unprotected sex.



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