04. February 2023

How does Quality Impact Physician Prior Authorization?

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A lot of challenges are crippling the world of doctors and physicians. If the question arises who is responsible for prior authorization delays? The answer will be vague to many. According to a recent AMA survey, it has been observed that out of 1004 practicing physicians, out of 10, 9 reported that physician prior authorization gaps had a negative impact in most cases.

In many cases, there were clinical delays leading to permanent damage, death and other life threatening challenges. Rising overhead costs, significant issues in finding enough resources that can drive your practice management priorities can be a difficult find.

It is true that there are many prior authorization companies around and someone that can deliver competent support in physician prior authorization can be a confusing task. It all depends on how well you plan to define your process of reimbursements by steadying the irregularities at the front end.

Sunknowledge Extends Assurance

At these times of critical labor shortage, we are your best bet with physician prior authorization services. Our niche presence, capability of working out a perfect plan that eliminates proven gaps in your revenue cycle management can be a blessing in disguise in the long run.

Moreover, our client references, top class presence and versatility is what that separates us from the rest. Hire us if you want to experience a genuine competitive advantage and quicken your clinical decision making process. Let us work on your physician prior authorization process while you take care of the rest.


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