How can treating vaginismus change a woman_s life?

July 13, 2021

Vaginismus treatment might be essential to attain a satisfying sex life and sustain good health. Vaginismus lies in the list of the most prevalent sexual problems in women. Although not every woman experiencing vaginismus knows what is going on in her body, she does realize that there is a critical problem. Ultimately, some sort of vaginismus treatment needs to be undertaken in order to enjoy sex life all over again.

Vaginismus is named as a genito–pelvic pain or penetration disorder. It is described by the uncontrolled contraction of the vaginal muscles. This results in tension and tightening of muscles, which can produce severe pain and distress during penetration, usually making sex improbable to happen. Sexual intercourse changes into a traumatic struggle for the woman and gives rise to a series of apprehension and uneasiness.


Vaginismus is an issue that can be produced by stressors of all types – physical, emotional, or both. It is able to become anticipatory which means it can occur because the person suspects it might.

Emotional reasons

These include:

● Fear, for instance, of discomfort or pregnancy

● Concerns about performance or due to guilt

● Relationship difficulties, for instance, owning an offensive partner or perceptions of vulnerability

● Traumatic life experiences, such as rape or a past of abuse

● Childhood encounters, like the description of sex while maturing or certain sexual images

Physical reasons

These include:

● Urinary tract infection (UTI)

● Yeast infection

● Health maladies, like cancer or lichen sclerosis

● Childbirth

● Pelvic surgery

● Menopause

● Inadequate foreplay

● Medication side effects

● Insufficient vaginal lubrication

Sexual problems can influence both women and men. They are not a subject of shame or anyone’s fault, and there’s nothing about them to keep you away from getting help. In the majority of cases, treatment can benefit.

Why vaginismus treatment is important

Vaginismus can seriously inhibit sexual experiences, but it can also make important gynecological examinations difficult to conduct. If left unchecked, vaginismus can lead to a negative cycle of disappointing and painful sexual experiences that block intimacy and put a strain on romantic relationships. Both partners can end up feeling frustrated, fearful, and at a loss as to how to manage the situation.

When it comes to health, being unable to complete necessary checks can leave a woman in a vulnerable position. It will be very difficult to tell if she is developing dangerous health conditions. In either case, treating vaginismus is essential.

Which vaginismus treatment might suit you best?

Treating vaginismus favorably depends on how the condition is produced in the first point. The vaginismus has two types: primary and secondary. Primary vaginismus refers to women for whom intercourse has never been probable to happen due to uncontrolled vaginal contractions.

Secondary vaginismus affects women who have been capable of having penetrative sex before, however for some reason are not able to do it now. When choosing how to treat this condition, it will be important to note how your condition got generated. For instance, if a traumatic incident caused it.

In case you are not conscious of any cause for developing the condition, psychological vaginismus treatments might prove helpful. But, you might see more prominent improvements with physical vaginismus treatments. Some might favor treating vaginismus naturally at home, while others might go for treatment obtained from a therapist of some kind.

Popular vaginismus treatments

Lots of women have had success with a combination of treatments. Here are some of the common vaginismus treatments you can try:

Psychological vaginismus treatments

● Counseling or relational therapy

● Sex therapy

● Hypnosis (including systematic desensitization)

● Psychotherapy

Physical vaginismus treatments

● Pelvic floor physical therapy

● Drugs: such as muscle paralytic botulinum toxin A, local anesthetics like lidocaine, antidepressants, or muscle relaxants like diazepam

● Vaginal dilator therapy

Vaginismus causes can be physical, emotional, mental, or relational. So it can be a matter of ‘trial and error’, exploring different blends of treatments.

It is recommended that before shifting to strong drugs that might produce harmful effects, try physical and mental treatments first. Sex therapy and systematic desensitization give particularly great outcomes.

No matter how severe your condition might be, there is possibly a vaginismus treatment that would work in your favor. It can require a combination, though, with determination, you would become capable of overcoming this problematic condition and continue having a normal sex life over again.

Finding a doctor?

If you intend to seek medical help and want to locate a doctor near you, contact Harbor Compounding Pharmacy. They work jointly with some of the best integrative wellness and alternative medicine practitioners in the U.S. These specialists have assisted thousands of sufferers across the country to attain optimal form through detoxification, restoring immune health, diet, weight reduction, and hormone replacement.


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