24. March 2023

How Can i Find a Top-Rated Dentist In Ridgefield?

Redmon is a village where everyone knows your name. That is a familiar saying for many small towns. The area of Ridgefield is a perfect location with access to Orthodontic specialists. Have you ever wondered what the word orthodontist means? Many people just take it as it is. We learn that is what you need when your teeth need attention. The word is derived from two Greek words. Ortho means straight or lined up and odont means tooth. Now, if you are looking for straight teeth, then an Orthodontist in Ridgefield is available for you.

Ridgefield Orthodontist Specialties:

Invisalign – This is a popular alternative to having metal braces. These devices use a clear and strong material that hugs your teeth while adding a little pressure to the needed area to get them in line over time. The popularity comes from its functionality, but more importantly the ability to go virtually unseen.

Invisalign Teen – These are virtually the same as the standard Invisalign product. However, as the name goes, they are designed for the lifestyle of teens. Teens may be more active. Teens may eat differently as they are still growing before hitting adulthood. This product is there to adapt to the younger generation and still maintain functionality.

AcceleDent – AcceleDent is an accelerated orthodontic device used to straighten your teeth through electronically programmed vibrations. This device is an easy-to-use. AcceleDent has shown in many implementations that it can speed up tooth movement by as much as 50%. It is also known to reduce the normal discomfort that occurs with the average metal braces.

Propel Orthodontics – Ridgefield Orthodontists are highly skilled in products such as AcceleDent that come from Propel Orthodontics. These devices are made to use less permanent materials and procedures to make your tooth straight. They try to make straightening your teeth easy enough for both the orthodontist as well as the patient. Some of these products can even be administered at home after leaving the orthodontist’s office.

Lingual Braces – These braces are designed to be placed behind the teeth. This is popular for people who need braces, but do not want the bulky look of metal right out in front for everyone to see. This is great for the patient, but usually a little harder for the orthodontist. The only reason is that they are harder for them to get at.

As you can see, there are many more options to choose from when trying to get your teeth straightened. Now, having the process done doesn’t have to be as embarrassing in public as it may have been in the past. Since your face is a focal point when talking with people in person, the thought of metal objects being so prominent may take less priority than having somewhat crooked teeth. With orthodontists from Danbury you can have it both ways. Look good when the process is done and you have straight teen. Also, don’t feel like you are an embarrassment while having it done as well.

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