Houston area teacher: ‘My teacher’s genuine desire to educate us inspired me to become one of them’

June 14, 2022

“I attained my bachelor’s degree in 1987 within the Philippines’ premier college for aspiring teachers, Philippine traditional University,” she told the Houston Daily. “My coaching essentially is predicated on paper and pencil. Anchor charts, modules on copy papers that I fastidiously created for hours and textbooks were my best friends.

So, I attended all the district coaching I could, discovered veteran teachers, collaborated with colleagues and immersed myself within the community wherever my students live.”

Briones-Flores was motivated to become a teacher because of the standard academics genuine desire to educate she had growing up. Despite having only a few resources, she tried to feel a similar joy that her teachers felt whereas teaching a way to read, write and count, and their sincere goal to teach youngsters motivated her to be a teacher as well.

That said, once I came to the us in 2008, I struggled hugely not with resources however in managing schoolroom management, teaching ways and culture shock. My teacher training failed to prepare Maine a way to teach in America. My biggest challenge is how to become an efficient teacher in an exceedingly culture thus totally different from mine. I required to adapt, sharpen my skills and meet the expectations of the school.


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