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January 13, 2022

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Yatsen Holdings, the firm behind popular make-up brand Perfect Diary, is channelling its efforts and resources into skin care​, where it believes will be key to the firm's future growth.
Founded in 2016, the Chinese cosmetics unicorn is one of the most successful beauty brands from China. The company's flagship brand, Perfect Diary, claims to be one of the top make-up brands in China in terms of online retail sales value.
However, the firm has been hampered by what it has observed to be the softening of the colour cosmetics category amid the deceleration of general consumer spending in China.
“This extended into the Singles Day promotion period between November 1 and November 11, during which colour cosmetics sales on Tmall fell by low-single-digit compared to the prior year,”​ said Huang Jinfeng, founder, CEO, and chairman of the company.
Myanmar-born beauty brand Gabar is targeting Gen Z consumers​ by appealing to them with sensorial products that promote its brand of ‘mindful resistance’.
Gabar debuted in October with three fragrances inspired by the natural landscape of Myanmar. It was developed by Myanmar-born Phway Su Aye and Su Zar Wain Hnin, two former investment bankers.
The concept for Gabar was conceived in 2020 with the intention to develop a beauty brand that could represent and showcase the beauty and culture of Myanmar.
“Both of us are Buddhists by birth and that Buddhist philosophy is so ingrained in us. When we started this brand, we conceived of it more as like three bottles that channel that message of mindfulness and conscious living,” ​said Aye, who was previously involved in the development of a CBD beauty brand.

A dentist in Australia has developed environmentally friendly toothpaste tablets​ to meet the consumer desire for elevated oral care products that achieve dental care standards.
The oral care space has been undergoing a transformation as more people are beginning to treat toothpaste and mouthwash as a beauty lifestyle product.
This is being driven by new independent brands and start-ups that are putting a novel spin on oral care, billing them as an extension of the beauty routine.
While the shift in how we think about oral care is exciting, dentist Dr Rob Wood has been concerned that such brands are neglecting the oral healthcare aspect of the products.
Kao Corporation is relaunching its sun care brand, Allie, with a series of new ‘ocean safe’ products​ that align with recent regulations implemented in Thailand, Hawaii, and Palau.
Launched in 2000, Allie is a mass-market sun care brand from Kao that has been widely available in health and beauty retail stores around Asia.
On December 9, Kao announced that Allie was set for a relaunch, which would see a new line of products and a renewed focus on sustainability. In particular, the brand would now focus on ocean safety​.
The new Chrono Beauty range will be launched on February 12 next year beginning in Japan.
From hybrid cosmetics to menopause beauty to upcycled ingredients, CosmeticsDesign’s global editors take you through the top 15 global trends to watch for 2022.
2021 has not been the revival we were expecting, and it continued to be defined by the global COVID-19 pandemic that has ultimately created both hardships and opportunities for the beauty industry.
By now, consumers everywhere have experienced a fundamental change in their lifestyles and habits, which will significantly shape the beauty market as we know it.
In our latest global trend round-up video, the CosmeticDesign editorial team breakdown the top five trends we are following in each of our regions to give you a global view of the trends and shifts in beauty to expect in 2022.
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