GoToMeeting Alternatives And Similar Platforms

June 23, 2022

With developing technology, everything has to be virtual or digital. From schools to large corporate companies, everybody has turned towards online methods of communication. Taking care of our online need for communication, many online platforms emerged as a boom. GoToMeeting is one among them. GoToMeeting not only serves as a platform for businesses with a budget but also satisfies users with its secure online meetings and conferences. It offers high-quality audio and video quality.

However, there are many online meeting platforms in the market which have robust features and offer online communication services at unbeatable prices.

In this blog, we will share the best GoToMeeting alternatives to help you find a better potential fit for your business. So let’s start our blog.


Mixhubb: Mixhubb is the online platform where you can host hassle-free online conferences with ease, it simplifies all your online events even when you are working remotely. It is a beautifully designed platform that enables you to host immersive and engageable exhibitions and expos. 

This online platform enables you to meet the expectations of your audience, and build their market presence. Along with this, by selecting Mixhubb as your online platform, you can also drive traffic to your event, through personalized, interactive digital booths. Mixhubb also helps you to increase your ROI. 

Mixhubb is one the best online platforms that help you to increase your business with its interactive and engageable features. It lets your attendees communicate via audio-video with the speakers and the presenters. Mixhubb is a scalable platform allowing to host an online meeting of any size. 

The notable features of Mixhubb

  • Unlike GoToMeeting, Mixhubb provides interactive feature polls.

  • Mixhubb allows you two-way communication to make the entire communication more interactive.

  • Mixhubb allows you to customize the online meeting by adding colors and graphics to your background. You can also add and remove the parameters for better attendee profile creation. Mixhubb has a multilingual translator allowing you to host the meeting in any language of the world. Also, you can host a meeting for specially-abled attendees. With Mixhubb you can make your attendees feel like they are physically present in the conference, as you can customize a virtual lobby with several touch points of your choice.

  • Mixhubb provides tremendous team-building activities to encourage your team to participate in discussions and let them connect effectively with speakers, exhibitors, and presenters. Mixhubb also offers you a public chat room to encourage attendees in discussions. Mixhubb is an economic virtual event platform where organizers with lower budgets can also host their events. 


Livestorm: Livestorm is an online conferencing software where you can host live or on-demand events. This online conference platform offers an engaging environment to its attendees. With Livestorm you can host small meetings with 2 attendees to large webinars and events with up to 3,000 attendees. It provides multi-language support for approx 24 languages. Also, Livestorm offers unlimited replays of automated recorded meetings. It has features like customized landing pages, sending promotional emails, and set reminders. It has other features like sharing the screen, chats, polls, and Q&A to keep attendees hooked up. 


BlueJeans:  BlueJeans Meeting is best known for its unparalleled online meetings and video conferencing services with crystal clear audio and Dolby voices. BlueJeans collaborations make it very smooth for a remote team to communicate with each other and provide them with an immersive experience. With BlueJeans, you can easily transform your virtual background into a unique surrounding of your choice. You can also blur the background and can add customized images to minimize distractions. BlueJeans’s paid plan allows you to take advantage of unlimited cloud meeting recording, private cloud, dashboard, etc. 

Zoom: Zoom is another hyped online conference platform that gained popularity when Covid19 landed in this world. With Zoom, you can host high-quality audio and HD video webinars or conferences. Zoom’s free plan enables you to interact with up to 100 attendees at a time.

With Zoom, you can share your screen with multiple attendees.

It also provides the option of recording meetings via mobile devices. Zoom is also Multi-device accessible; you can join a meeting or conference from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. 

  Zoom allows you to schedule your conferences and meetings according to your needs. Zoom also gives you the option of a virtual whiteboard, allowing you to share brainstorming and make quick notes. 


Cisco Webex: Cisco Webex is another virtual conferencing platform that has been used extensively for online conferencing and webinars. CiscoWebex offers features like markup tools, an online whiteboard, screen and application sharing, and phone call-in. 

Cisco Webex allows you to host a meeting with a maximum of 100 participants, allowing them to text, and share their screens. CiscoWebex also provides private rooms for attendees to have uninterrupted communications. This online platform also users to eliminate noise distractions with its Noise removal feature. It also has a gesture recognition feature that allows attendees to express their feelings without saying a single word. Its free plan enables you to hold a meeting with only two participants only. But it’s paid plan allows you to host a meeting for upto100 attendees. If you want to host meetings or conferences over CiscoWebex, it is mandatory to download their application, unfortunately, it does not support multi-browser accessibility.

eZ Talk Meetings: It is an easy-to-use video conferencing platform. This online platform enables you to host an unlimited number of meetings instantly, with up to 100 attendees. This platform has features that allow you to record High Definition conferencing meetings. With eZ Meeting you can quickly share your screens while interacting with other attendees. It is a browser-based online platform allowing users to join the online conference by simply entering the meeting ID or by name and email.


So this was our list of the best online conferencing platforms which can be used as an alternative for GoToMeeting. You can try your hands on one of the above-stated online conferencing platforms according to your requirements.


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