GFChart – Business reports from Gravity Forms

January 14, 2022

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GFChart - Business reports from Gravity Forms
GFChart – Business reports from Gravity Forms RC1 Free Download 2.2.0 – Premium Forms | GFChart v2.2.0 – Business reports from Gravity Forms RC1 helps web designers save time and business owners respond quickly, by converting Gravity Forms data into automatic reports. GFChart’s most frequent use cases are registration and booking reports for digital learning and physical events. Ben told us about GFChart use cases as we were talking about it…
The GFChart Nulled Plugin is built on Gravity Forms and allows you to monitor and analyze data received through your website forms. With this data add-on, you can simply examine your data in a variety of visual formats, including charts, computations, progress bars, and more, making it ideal for Surveys, Registrations, Sales, and Assessments.
Online survey tools are widespread, but few interact effectively with your website *and* allow for deeper data analysis, such as GFChart.
It will display your survey results in real-time, providing you with a clear indicator of your users’ ideas and opinions on the survey issue. Importantly, you may filter the data to go down to individual cohort groups. Personality assessments and Balanced Scorecard asset evaluations can also be brought to life through a visual chart.
Gravity Forms is popular for online sales and fundraising since it lacks the clutter of a standard e-commerce plugin. GFChart allows you to quickly acquire crucial insights into your sales data by comparing month-to-month sales figures using line or bar charts.
“One customer held a charity auction and used GFChart to track the popularity of individual goods as well as the total amount raised.”
The GFChart progress bar is also great for communicating donation progress with your audience – and because it is automatically updated in real-time, people will get an accurate representation of funds raised.
GF is more than just a form builder; it’s also a drag-and-drop database, which is great for constructing sophisticated and economical no-code applications.
“Recently, a client constructed a COVID testing and reporting solution.” The form was quite complex, with fields with varying visibility and access depending on permissions. It was put to use for the crucial reporting solution. Our sophisticated relative date filtering was critical in assisting them in monitoring trends.”
It connects with Gravity PDF and GravityView, allowing PDF reports to be generated and emailed, as well as charts and graphs to be shown and sorted on your site’s front end. As a result, you can ensure that your form data is seen by the relevant people and presented correctly.
GFChart is a clever Gravity Forms addon that allows you to:
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