Femalegra 100mg- An effective pill for erectile dysfunction

September 27, 2021

What is Femalegra 100 mg?

Femalegra is an explicitly planned and therapeutically tried medication that tends to an assortment of sexual excitement issues and different illnesses that outcome in diminished sexual fulfillment. It is fundamentally intended for women since male-situated ED medications are ineffectual for ladies.

It has Sildenafil citrate as the primary part, however with a somewhat modified organization to make it fitting for ladies. It is best for boosting sexual craving in ladies. It works by boosting the bloodstream to the female private parts and other touchy regions during sexual incitement.


How might you take a femalegra 100mg tablet?

The oral organization of sildenafil citrate tablets is conceivable. With water, swallow the whole pill.

Take the medication an hour prior to sexual activity on the grounds that the impacts require some investment to show.

Take 1 pill each day and don’t surpass the everyday limit. What’s more, you can get Femalegra 100 from Ed Generic Store which is a reliable or trustable store.


Side Effects of Femalegra 100 Mg

Most of the adverse consequences might emerge on the off chance that you take an excess. In this way, taking bigger or more measurements of generic Femalegra ought to be kept away from no matter what.

 Coming up next are the most well-known incidental effects: 






          Stomach throb

          Vision peril

          Chest throb

          Difficulties relaxing

          Face blushed color

          Pale skin




Reference: To treat erectile dysfunction


100mg Femalegra Instructions

Hypertensive patients, have cardiovascular issues, or ought different issues to counsel their PCPs prior to utilizing Sildenafil Citrate since their current medications might collaborate contrarily with Sildenafil Citrate. There have been reports of individuals experiencing myocardial areas of dead tissue because of taking Sildenafil close by their nitrate prescriptions.

Nitrates and Sildenafil Citrate don’t blend well and may have negative incidental effects when utilized together, consequently, patients ought to try not to take these medications together. Besides nitrates, medications for AIDS/HIV, Hepatitis C, contagious contaminations, bacterial contaminations, and different infections ought to be examined with their PCPs first, since they are known to associate contrarily with Sildenafil Citrate.

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 Femalegra 100mg comes looking like a pill or tablet, subsequently carry some water with you to abstain from gagging when you’re prepared to take the pill. What’s more, we suggest that you take the female Viagra one hour prior to participating in sexual activity. This will give the strong tablet sufficient opportunity to break down and work productively.

Patients should just take one portion of sildenafil in 24 hours, paying little heed to the sum showed. It is the doctors’ watchfulness to build the sum on the off chance that they trust it is appropriate for their patients, and it is likewise their drive to bring down the dosages as required.


The ED case ought to be kept at a room temperature scope of 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. On the off chance that warmth, light, or dampness come into contact with Femalegra 100mg, almost certainly, the medication will lose its adequacy. Thus, keep it in a dull and cool region. Pills that have passed their lapse date ought to be discarded away suitably.

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