24. March 2023

Expectations vs. Reality of a Service Apartment

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There is no doubt that serviced apartments are necessary forms of accommodation for travelers worldwide.

In spite of the wide range of serviced apartments available, some people still have some concerns about what these apartments claim to offer. Aashiyana Service apartment in Nashik is a quality apartment for stay.

Quality and service standards are high

As an alternative to hotels and other forms of accommodation, serviced apartments have become increasingly popular.

It is claimed that their service apartment will be your home away from home, and that it will have essentials such as tea, coffee, and toiletries upon arrival. Their service apartment is well ornamented and has a comfortable, spacious, and relaxed atmosphere.

People get disappointed when they don’t get the services they were promised. One of the biggest disappointments they face is the appearance of the service apartments. Many people think they have been tricked because the images they saw were old ones and the current form of the service apartment doesn’t match their expectations. In addition, they have concerns about the commodities they were guaranteed, including towels, blankets, sheets, and toiletries.

Quality maintenance and refurbishment

A service apartment claims that, as with their homes, they have maintained and restored the quality of their kitchen and bath fixtures over time. Especially the apartment’s fully-equipped kitchen stuffed with cooker, fridge, dishwasher and washer/dryer. The walls are well decorated and uphold the quality as promised.

The walls, however, are maybe not as well decorated as promised. The kitchen and bath fixtures may have problems, and at some point they may not work. The kitchen equipment promised may have been there at one point, but it is no longer available. People who come with high hopes believing these promises get disappointed the moment they walk in. If you are saddened by the first moment, you can imagine the rest of the stay will not be as comfortable as one thought.

Comforts of home

Serviced apartments advertise that they provide a comfortable and secure environment, including a separate living room, TVs, music systems, DVDs, free Wi-Fi, and personal telephone lines.

In reality, however, people frequently complained that their rooms did not have telephone lines, so they had to walk to the front desk for them, and that Wi-Fi was not free or sometimes not available at all. Although the room was equipped with a TV, it only had a few channels, and extra channels cost more than hotels. People were disappointed, but they said they liked their laptops.


Service apartments claim they are more cost-effective than other accommodations available and provide a wide range of services, so they should be our first choice. It doesn’t matter whether they choose a small apartment or a luxury apartment, they offer extra services like housekeeping and concierge.

But in reality, they complained that the costs were too high considering the amenities and fixtures they provided, and that they would have been better off staying at a hotel instead. 


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