Everything You Need to Know About Bouffant Cap And PE Glove Making Machine

May 18, 2022

Bouffant caps and PE gloves are primarily used in clinics, hospitals, food processing industries, beauty salons, cleaning, and hospitality. 

Bouffant caps are used to keep stray hair in and water and other contaminants out. The cap looks like a bag with a gathered plastic opening that fits perfectly around the hairline, covering the hair. 

On the other hand, PE gloves are the best alternative to latex gloves and provide a basic level of protection to users. They are mainly used in the food preparation industry, hairdressing & cleaning industries, and care homes.

Owing to the pandemic and the rise in hygienic standards, bouffant caps and gloves have become the need of the hour. That’s why their demand experienced a great surge and tempted many manufacturers to enter the respective industry. 

If you are also planning to enter the industry, it’s the best time to make a move.

But do you know how these gloves and caps are made? The Bouffant Cap Making Machine and PE Glove Making Machine make the production process easy and peasy. 

The machines are backed with automatic functionalities that make their operation efficient and ensure accurate delivery of finished products. 

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Bouffant Cap & PE Glove Making Machines.

Let’s get started!

Operational Characteristics Of The Machines


  • Use plastic as raw material to produce the best quality caps and gloves.
  • Have a PLC and frequency converter that eases its operation and supports the user to manage the machines better.
  • The machine can help you with manufacturing gloves and caps of different sizes.
  • Equipped with powerful ultrasonic technology for better sealing and speed.
  • Automatic feeding, cutting, and welding system.
  • The machines have an ergonomically designed interface that ensures simpler operation.
  • Higher production capacity with zero chances of error.
  • Dependable, long-lasting, hassle-free, and safe.
  • Automatic elastic welding system
  • Frequency parameters and speed can be adjusted as needed.
  • Batch counting system

Technical Specifications Of the Machines


  • Fully Automatic
  • Can function at speed ranging from 90 – 260 pcs/min
  • Work effectively well by consuming power of 4.5 KW
  • Need power supply of 220V Single Phase
  • Available generally in a dimension of 3800x800x1100
  • Weigh 700 Kgs

The machines are ruling the manufacturing segment all around the globe. They are backed with the expertise of the best professionals and are as per the international standards. The machines are available in different specifications to meet the different production requirements of manufacturers. If you want to know more about how these machines can benefit your production unit, here are some points.

Superior Performance

The machines are backed with advanced technology that ensures smooth operation and makes their management easier. They can produce a high quantity and quality of caps and gloves hassle-freely. The machines are worth your investment as they help in bringing better returns.

Sturdy Structure

The machines have a sturdy build-up that makes them impact-resistant and ensures long-lasting working. They have a smooth outer finish that prevents injuries at the workplace and helps you follow the industrial safety procedures thoroughly. The high tensile of the machines boost their capability to deliver exceptional performance throughout their lifecycle.

Automatic Tension Control

One of the best features the machines offer is their automatic tension control. The feature helps maintain an appropriate amount of tension on the given material and acquire the desired properties like shape, quality, and appearance.


Both the machines have a high production capacity and can produce gloves and caps in multiple sizes without the need for replacing any part. You can make the different sizes by just making a few adjustments to the machines. This feature can help manufacturers take on more projects with distinct requirements and meet the order on time to retain customers for a lifetime. 

Adjustable Ultrasonic Control

The bouffant cap making machine and PE glove making machine comes with adjustable ultrasonic control for ensuring precise stitching of caps & gloves.

Less Labor Requirement

The machines help pace up the entire production process with minimal human intervention. Manpower is needed only to feed raw material into the machine, make adjustments in the operating system, and take the finished products off the conveyor belt. By eliminating the excess involvement of labor, the machines decrease the production cost and bring more returns to your investment.

High Speed Production

The machines have the efficiency of performing at high speeds without compromising on quality. They are a worthy addition to your production unit as they help produce high-quality caps in the minimum time possible, thus allowing you to meet order deadlines, retain customers, and earn higher profit margins. 

Longer Working Life

The machines use ultrasonic technology to give perfect stitching to caps and gloves without making any direct contact with them. This helps in maintaining the hygiene standards people are trying to maintain amid the pandemic. They can work flawlessly and effectively well for years to come. 


The bouffant cap-making machine and PE glove making machine can be purchased at a competitive price. They are worth their cost as they help bring better returns in the long run. With the right machines at your end, you can produce quality bouffant caps and PE gloves and serve the majority of industries.

Parting Thoughts

The machines have revolutionized the manufacturing industry by delivering high production while maintaining top-class quality. They can make caps and gloves using plastic and non-woven fabric as raw materials. They deliver products that possess properties like sterility, high-quality, affordable, comfortable, and disposable. 

With these machines at your disposal, you can easily produce different types of gloves and caps as per the clients’ requirements. You can even meet the customization requirements and open the doors for more orders. Your search for the best machine to make quality PE gloves and bouffant caps ends with these two machines.

Purchase these machines and get started with the production of caps & gloves that help you get an edge over your competitors.

We hope that the article has provided you with a vivid picture of Bouffant Cap & PE Glove Making Machines. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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