Enjoy Best Shisha in Melbourne

July 15, 2021

Unlike some of the other major cities in Australia that are impaired for choice when it comes to hookah lounges, Melbourne shisha bars are few and far between. But the shisha lounges that do exist are fairly exciting, so we’re here to give you suggestion if you and your friends are looking to share a hookah pipe around Melbourne.

Majnu Shisha Lounge & BAR

Majnu Shisha Bar &  Hookah Lounge is a famous shisha bar around hoppers crossing, but it offers so much more than just top-quality shisha. The shisha menu is wide, with over 30 shisha flavours, and 10 herbal shisha flavours to choose from. If that’s not enough you can add a fruit head shisha or ice filtration pipe addition to your order.

Plus if you come on a Friday night or weekend, you’ll be healed to some fantastic belly dancing shows with live music! With a more traditional decor and menu to match, Shisha Nights in Melbourne is a great choice for a sit-down dinner before enjoying a shisha pipe over a few hard drinks. Offering live music, belly dancing, Music, and an outdoor area. If you’re planning a night out with friends in advance you can book a table space to enjoy your shisha, or even a music room if you’re feeling a bit noisier. There’s a fine selection of shisha flavours to enjoy, so if you’re in the area be sure to check out Shisha Nights; you won’t be dissatisfied. 

Enjoy Variety of Shisha Menu in Melbourne

ü Mint

ü Double Apple.

ü Peach

ü Strawberry OR Blueberry

ü Leady Killer Special

ü Lemon & Lime

ü Orange

ü Watermelon

ü Kiwi

ü Gum

ü Grape berry

ü Cocktail

ü Rose & Orange flavor

ü Mango tango

ü Tropical

ü Melody

ü Rockmelon

The food menu is huge, catering for some nice snacks and dessert with both modern and traditional dishes. Whether you’re after a quick snack with shisha. Majnu Shisha Lounge is fully licensed, with a nice range of wines, beers, and spirits to enjoy with your shisha or meal.

If you’re exploring for a strange, hidden gem shisha spot in Melbourne as the venue for your next night out, Majnu Shisha Lounge is the wonderful spot for you.

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