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October 7, 2021

The benefit of educational games is that they are not only entertaining but they also children to develop certain skills.  In their initial months, kids love to explore and this is the main reason why you should invest in educational toys with mamas and papas code so that they can discover the environment around them. One good tip is to consider the age of your kid and then buy an educational game as every growth stage has its own type of play and in order to make the developments go in the right direction, choose a game which suits the needs of your little one.

Having a baby in the house sooner or later involves the use of educational games. Depending on the characteristics of each model, they will contribute, among other things, to cognitive, psychomotor, linguistic development or the development of children’s memory. Here is a ranking of the best educational games you can find on the market today, based on customer reviews and tests and which can be the property of your kid with mamas and papas code.

Nathan – Colors and Shapes

This educational game, intended for children over 3 years old, is made up of 6 variations of progressive games to learn colors and shapes. This is a matching game in which the child discovers the name of each element by answering questions such as: What is yellow? Where’s the green frog? What is round? In this box, you will find 4 double-sided boards, 24 double-sided illustrated tokens, 24 color tokens and a game guide. Thanks to this educational game, you will accompany your child in a fun way in his first learning.

Magilano – SKYJO

The educational game SKYJO by Magilano is a card game suitable for children over 3 years old making it perfect to buy with mamas and papas code. Its objective is to learn to count and to work on concentration, all in a fun way and with the family. The rule is simple, just collect as few points as possible throughout the game by trying to get low or even negative numbers. Children will therefore need to know how to count by adding up to 100 2-digit numbers, concentrate on following the course of the game and make correct decisions.

V Tech – My First Bilingual Picture Book

This is a talking and a bilingual picture-based book and is suitable for kids between 18 months to 4 years. Children can learn up to 100 words vocabulary in English and French language through illustrations. Basic themes of the game include fruits, wild and domestic animals, color, food, clothes, opposites, human body weather, vehicles and meals. This educational game gets everything in a place and is a must have game with mamas and papas code.

Nathan – Letters

Similar to Colors and Shapes by Nathan, this educational game contains 6 progressive games to discover letters and learn the alphabet. With fun pictures in cheerful colors, your child will learn the alphabet by matching letters with pictures and words, all while having fun.

The child will associate for example the letter A with the plane, the letter B with Whale, etc. To know if the association is good, all you have to do is to check the harmony of the colors of the puzzle. Get this education game with mamas and papas code at amazingly discounted prices.

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