31. January 2023

Do You Know How To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction is the inability to have a sufficient erection or erection to have sex. Many men find it difficult to reproduce from time to time. If it is a persistent problem, it can cause anxiety and affect self-confidence in the worst possible way. It can also contribute to relationship problems. If a person encounters this problem frequently, it may be a sign of underlying health problems that should be treated early. It needs proper treatment. A person should consult his doctor about this persistent problem, even if he is embarrassed.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction include cramps-

·         It is difficult to start burning.

·         Keep walls even if you have one.

·         Decreased libido or sexual desire.

When Should You See A Doctor?

The best thing to do is to see a family doctor when you start having stomach problems and see a doctor if-

·         They are worried about their erections and also have other sexual problems such as premature or delayed ejaculation.

·         They suffer from diabetes, heart disease or any other health problem that may affect erectile dysfunction.

·         Have other symptoms and erectile dysfunction.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual desire in men is a complex process involving the brain, hormones, emotions, muscles, blood vessels and nerves. Erectile dysfunction is a problem that can arise in any of them. Stress and mental health can also worsen erectile dysfunction. There are situations where a combination of physical and psychological factors cause erectile dysfunction. Sometimes even a small physical condition that reduces your sexual response can cause or trigger anxiety, a person can have problems maintaining walls.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Some common causes of erectile dysfunction include:

·         Heart disease.

·         Atherosclerosis.

·         High blood pressure.

·         Diabetes.

·         Being overweight.

·         High insulin levels.

·         Using tobacco.

·         Multiple sclerosis.

·         Sleep problems.

·         Substance abuse.

·         Low testosterone levels.

Psychological Factors Cause Erectile Dysfunction

The brain plays an important role in triggering the physiological processes that cause inflammation. Factors that can inhibit sexual desire and cause erectile dysfunction are-

·         Depression.

·         Anxiety.

·         Stress.

·         Many relationship problems.

Risk Factor

Erectile dysfunction has a lot to do with your age declining as you age. Victory takes a long time to develop; even if they grow up, they may not be strong. Mentioned below are some of the dangers that a person may face-

·         Medical conditions such as diabetes.

·         Excessive use of tobacco restricts blood flow in the veins and arteries and causes chronic health problems that eventually lead to erectile dysfunction.

·         Being overweight.

·         Medical treatment such as prostate surgery or radiation therapy for cancer.

·         Psychological conditions such as depression or anxiety.

·         Drug and alcohol use.


Medicines that contain sildenafil citrate, Tadalafil, Verdenafil and Avanafil as main ingredients can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Medicines like Cenforce 100, Fildena 100 and more containing Sildenafil Citrate work by increasing blood flow to the testicles to help a man get erection. However, the pharmacist should be contacted for further details.

The patient should take the medicines like Vidalista 20, Vilitra 20 with a glass of water. The patient should not break the tablet in half or crush it because the tablet has an enteric coating that dissolves in the patient’s body and starts to show its effect.

These drugs are available in different forms, and people should take them with or without food as directed by their doctor. The medicine should be taken 15 to 30 minutes before sex.

The drug should be used only with a doctor’s prescription. Most of the drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction belong to a group of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors. The patient should not overdose on the drug. If the patient drinks too much alcohol, it is likely to have negative effects.


The number of medicines you take depends on the severity of the disease. If the severity of the disease is high, the doctor may instruct you to take a small high dose and you should not change the amount unless the doctor advises otherwise. The medicine should be taken at the same time every day without delay.

Side Effects

The patient takes time to feel the effect of the drug. These symptoms go away on their own over time, but you don’t need medical attention. Side effects can also depend on how you take the medicine.


The medicine is dispensed in pill form and kept in a cool, dry place. If the drug is stored in a humid environment, the integrity of the drug is affected and it will not be useful. Therefore, the patient should keep the medicine in a closed container in a dry place. It should not be kept under sun exposure.


The patient should be careful before starting to use this medicine. It is important to check the expiration date of the medicine on the label before using it. If the patient is taking any kind of existing medicine, they should tell their doctor. Two different drugs can interact with each other and cause problems. The patient should not take the medicine if he is taking any medicine containing nitrate. If the patient is facing heart, kidney or liver problems, he should not continue the treatment.

If you have a painful wall for more than 2 hours, you should contact a doctor immediately. Treating erectile dysfunction may require prompt medical treatment to prevent serious and permanent damage to the penis.

The patient should not use the medicine if he is taking medicine for high blood pressure and not to drink too much alcohol which can cause headache, increase heart rate or lower blood pressure.


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