27. January 2023

Differences Between Corporate Meetings & Incentive Travel Planning

People inside and outside the industry both think that planning meetings & incentive travel are the same. Need the same skill set with very little planning difference.

As per travel experts within the hospitality industry, a corporate meeting is people meeting in one place for a particular activity which could be a one-time deal or a regular occurrence.
Whereas incentive travel is given to employees or customers as a reward. It can also be defined as a non-business vacation aiming at continued performance motivation.

Meetings are business goal centric for educating and aligning all employees and joined forces. In contrast, incentive travels more inclined toward motivation, reward and recognition.

Let’s look at the key difference between meetings and incentive travel in terms of meeting space, transportation and more.

1-    Transportation Needs

While according to current trends, a domestic destination is a choice for clients to host meetings, whereas incentive trips are more internationally focused by clients.
This difference specifically affects one area in the budget: transportation.
Whether it includes road or air, transport cost for incentive trips is higher than meetings.
Incentive trips are costly and the experience is VIP level through charter service to ensure recognition.

2-    Difference in Audiovisual

Audiovisual needs are mostly entertainment-related, like farewell receptions, presentations or announcement-making.
In terms of meetings, audiovisual needs are costly and need special arrangements. Whereas, in incentive trips, the needs are a possibility.

3-    Meeting Space Requirements

Meeting space is the key difference when planning a meeting or incentive trip.
Meetings required more focus and detailing for space selection.
Whereas, for incentive trips, the need is more relaxed with personalised preference.  

Parting Thoughts

You need to focus on these key differences during corporate meetings and incentive travel planning.
For transportation, you need a charter travel service and a charter flight will be the right fit.
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