Dental Implant Bridge

October 5, 2021

For some people, a dental implant bridge may be the best option. It is often the route taken when several adjacent front teeth are missing. The point is that in this particular case, the crowns will not be attractive. If these front teeth are crowned, the person may feel embarrassed and avoid smiling. This is certainly not desirable.


Dental implants Bridges have the advantage over bridges. Implants look and feel so natural that no one will notice them, and even the user will forget they have an implant. Also, unlike a bridge, adjacent teeth do not need to be filed to place an implant. Only the missing tooth is affected.


Unlike bridges, implants are a permanent placement of false teeth, which cannot be removed. The implants are attached to the bone below the gumline. This also makes the bone healthier. With bridges, there is a chance that the bone under the existing tooth, at the root, will deteriorate.


It may be helpful to replace all teeth with implants. The ability to chew is much more natural with implants than with traditional dentures. There will also be no teeth slipping while chewing or speaking.


Implant placement involves the implantation of screw-like implements into the jaw, where the missing tooth once was. Once these decreases have healed, it is time to place the replacement teeth.


If you are bridging an implant, the teeth will either be made for you and attached and anchored to the existing implant, or your periodontist will fit them to the other teeth.


Dentistry has come a long way over the years. Today, a dental implant bridge can restore a person’s beautiful smile.

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