28. January 2023

Creativity Mobilisation Technique: A New Approach To Corporate Training

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When it comes to training your employees, traditional methods often don’t work. They may be effective when it comes to imparting knowledge, but employees don’t always take to them well. This is where creativity mobilisation technique comes in. CMT is a new approach that emphasises creativity and learning as the foundations of employee training. It makes use of various tools and techniques to help employees absorb and apply the information they have learned in a fun and engaging way. Learn more about CMT and how it can help your organisation by reading this blog post.

Creativity is a widely recognised quality that can be harnessed to drive business innovation. However, creativity is often seen as a intangible asset that is difficult to measure and measure consistently. This article introduces the creativity mobilisation technique (CMT), which is an approach to corporate training that aims to improve employees’ creative thinking skills. The CMT has been found to be effective in increasing employee engagement, productivity and innovation. The article provides an overview of the CMT and its key features, before outlining how it can be incorporated into corporate training programs.Memory Skills Queensland

The Solution: Creative Mobilisation Technique

Creativity is one of the most important skills that businesses need to succeed. But creativity cannot be taught in a traditional classroom setting. That’s where creativity mobilization technique comes in.

This new approach to corporate training uses creative methods to help employees learn how to be more creative. These methods include group brainstorming, problem solving, and ideation exercises.

By using creativity mobilization technique, businesses can train their employees in a fun and creative way. This technique also helps companies get their employees thinking outside the box and come up with new ideas.

Creativity Mobilisation Technique (CMT) is a new approach to corporate training that uses creativity as its main tool. CMT was developed by Professor Lorne Campbell and Dr. Deborah E. Martin, two experts in creativity and innovation.

According to the creators of CMT, creativity is a powerful tool that can be used to solve problems and increase business productivity. CMT teaches employees how to use their creative minds to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems.

The creators of CMT believe that creativity can be used to improve any area of business, including marketing, product development, and customer service. CMT is designed to help companies boost their bottom line by increasing profits, reducing costs, and developing new products or services.

CMT is a unique approach to corporate training that can help companies solve their problems quickly and effectively. If you are looking for an innovative way to teach your employees how to use their creative minds, look no further than CMT

How Creative Mobilisation Technique Works

The creativity mobilization technique is a new approach to corporate training that uses creative activities to help employees learn and remember information. The technique was developed by Dr. Janet Metz and has been used in various settings, including businesses, schools, and hospitals.

The creativity mobilization technique works by activating the user’s creativity and imagination. It does this by using creative activities that are fun, interesting, and relevant to the user’s interests. This helps users learn and remember information more effectively.

One of the benefits of the creativity mobilization technique is that it is easy to use. All you need is some creative tools and materials, and you can start using it immediately. Moreover, the technique can be adapted to different situations and contexts, so it can be used in any business or educational setting.

The Benefits of Creative Mobilisation Technique

Creativity is one of the most important and sought-after skills in today’s business world. However, many organisations find it difficult to tap into the creativity of their employees. This is due to the fact that most employees are used to working within a fixed, routine environment.

One solution to this problem is to use creativity mobilization technique (CMT). CMT is a new approach that uses creative thinking techniques to help employees break out of their routine. CMT has been proven to be successful in increasing employee creativity and innovation. Here are some of the benefits of using CMT: Growth Mindset Queensland

1. Increased Productivity: The first benefit of using CMT is that it can increase employee productivity. When employees are allowed to explore their creative side, they are more likely to come up with new ideas and solutions for problems. This increased productivity can have a big impact on organisational performance.

2. Improved Innovation: Another benefit of using CMT is that it can help employees develop more innovative ideas. By encouraging employees to think outside the box, they are more likely to come up with new ways of doing things or products that appeal to consumers. This improved innovation can have a positive impact on organisational performance and growth overall.

3. Increased Engagement: One of the main benefits of using CMT is that it can increase employee engagement levels. When employees feel engaged with their work and excited about exploring their creative side, they are more likely to stay loyal and


Many companies are looking for new and innovative ways to motivate their employees, and creativity mobilization is one of the most promising approaches out there. In this article, we’ll take a look at what creativity mobilization is and how it can be applied in corporate training settings. We will also discuss some of the challenges that need to be addressed when using this technique, and suggest some solutions. If you’re interested in trying out creativity mobilization in your work environment, read on!

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