Common Signs You’re NOT Looking At Real Hand-Knotted Rugs

December 7, 2021

If you’re an area rug aficionado, then you know all too well that there are plenty of rug outlets and salesmen out there that will try to pass off fake hand-knotted rugs that look like the real thing but in fact aren’t. It can be really difficult for the average rug shopper to distinguish real hand-knotted rugs from counterfeits, which is why you’re going to need to rely upon expert advice to stay as informed as possible!

We’ve teamed up with the industry experts at Rug Source to provide you a list of common signs oriented around signs that you’re NOT looking at real hand-knotted rugs, and these warning signs are very important when deciphering if someone is trying to take advantage of you. The unfortunate truth is that this type of scam happens all too often throughout the entire world, so take it from the specialists in that you need to keep a lookout for the following red flags!

Signs That You’re Looking At A Fake, And Not Real Hand-Knotted Rugs

The following red flag warning signs are what you should be looking out for while you’re in the process of shopping for hand-knotted rugs:

The Rug Has A Plastic Backing

Authentic, handmade area rugs will always have a very soft backing where the patterns on the front side of the rug are completely symmetrical, like a mirror image. If you notice that the back of a supposed hand-knotted rug isn’t a mirror image of the front side, then it’s a clear sign that you’re looking at a fake.

A hard plastic backing essentially means that the area rug was made from synthetic materials, and this is largely because that plastic backing is actually keeping the rug together!

Bleeding Colors

Every authentic, handmade rug features natural dyes, but of course today there will be plenty of scammers out there that think they can pass off chemical dyes and make a rug appear to be a lot more valuable than it actually is. The truth is that natural dyes possess many benefits that make them so much better than their chemical counterparts, which is why some people will lie about the type of dye an area rug for sale has.

The worst part about chemical dyes is that the colors will actually bleed if you spill any liquids on your area rug, which can essentially ruin the entirety of the aesthetics. So if you suspect that an area rug for sale is actually made with chemical dyes, consider wiping a moist paper towel against the fibers. If color spreads onto the paper towel or napkin, then you can know that it is in fact chemical and not natural!

Glued Or Sewn-On Fringes

Hand-knotted area rugs don’t simply feature a fringe that’s a design element, because the fringe is actually a part of the area rug’s structural integrity. The fringe is essentially the initial piece of the rug’s loom when it’s handmade, so the fringe is what is holding the rug together.

Some scammers will add fake fringes to a machine-made area rug to make it seem like it’s hand-knotted, and this is much more common than most rug shoppers would probably assume. The way to check on this is to flip the rug over and try to see if the fringe has been sewn on or glued, and this should be pretty easy to recognize because it won’t be an actual part of the rug!

It’s Not Made Of Wool

Although it’s possible for hand-knotted area rugs to be made with other natural materials besides wool, the vast majority of real hand-knotted rugs are in fact made from wool. There are plenty of synthetic materials out there that can appear to look and feel like real wool, but it’s important to know that real wool is one of the best signs that you are actually looking at a legitimate area rug and not a fake.

Some signs to keep on the lookout for when deciphering if wool is real or not is that wool is flame retardant, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Contact The Industry Specialists At Rug Source To Learn More About Real Hand-Knotted Rugs!

Hand-knotted rugs are certainly the cream of the crop throughout the entire rug industry, which is why there will inevitably be some rug dealers out there that’ll try to pull a fast one on shoppers and sell fakes. But the more informed you get, the more likely you will find the real deal and be more than happy with your investment!

You can learn more about real hand-knotted rugs by talking directly with the specialists at Rug Source through the link to their website at the top of the blog! 

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