08. December 2022

Common Features of an Air Conditioner Remote

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Only a few hundred years back, no-one would have believed that you can regulate something without even moving it physically. Nowadays, remote control is so common that it is not strange to have different remote control devices around the home. Your daikin air conditioner remote allows you to easily adjust the temperature with least effort. You do not take care of it until it stops working. Knowing how to distinguish between air conditioner remote controls that you can repair yourself and ones that require expert help can save you money, and probably your life.

Daikin remote control relies on infrared technology. A remote control releases infrared light and those are sensed by a receiver, typically situated on the air conditioning unit itself. The infrared beams of light are hidden. The restriction of infrared technology is that it can only be utilized over a comparatively short distance and in the line of sight. A remote control device will not work if there is an article blocking the beam. The signal can also be interrupted due to the existence of other types of electronic gadgets in the same room.

Features of AC remote

  • AC units with the Feel option, incorporate a sensor array within the remote to make sure that the AC maintains temperature as per where you are sitting. This feature offers better, more accurate cooling as compared to regular AC units that maintain optimal temperatures only around the AC unit and not where the people are sitting in the room. Additionally, there are different sleep modes that utilize the remote to ensure proper cooling with respect to one’s body temperature to save power even while ensuring maximum comfort. 
  • The Dry/Superdry mode forces the AC to eliminate extra humidity in the room fast. This efficiently makes the indoor environment a lot more at ease for people. The AC runs on a predefined higher cooling capacity while restricting the indoor fan blower at a lower speed.  Essentially, this new mode will capture the additional water vapour in the air at a much higher rate with lesser time.
  • The anti-fungal feature helps to prevent the development of microorganisms on the evaporator coil of AC by keeping the coil dry to some extent. When the compressor is switched on and the user turns off the AC from the remote, the compressor will go off right away but the fan blower will remain on for some time.  Considering air pollution is a hazard across cities, this is an extremely crucial and relevant feature particularly for those who are working-from-home and using ACs for extended periods of time.



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