27. March 2023

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adminMarch 24, 2023

Higher education abroad and permanent settlement abroad is a dream of every educated person unsatisfied in their native country. However, the excellence of education and standard of life of European countries, Australia and Canada attract the educated class. IELTS is one of the first requirements after the passport to step into such countries. Aspirants, who […]

adminFebruary 15, 2023

The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is one of the most famous and sought-after degrees among youngsters worldwide. Studying MBBS abroad has become increasingly popular. Therefore, many students are looking to take advantage of lower fees and top-quality education.  This article will discuss the admission process, top countries for MBBS, and low-cost […]

adminFebruary 15, 2023

Students that study abroad have more options for growth, upskilling, and employment. As a result, practically every second student nowadays wishes to investigate the possibility of studying overseas. As per reports of the study abroad consultants in Delhi, Indians are pioneering the trend of studying abroad as more and more students enroll in international universities. The best study abroad consultants in Delhi […]

adminJanuary 25, 2023

Regarding studying abroad, the United Kingdom ranks first among several options. Additionally, recent data obtained by study abroad consultants from the UCAS website reveals that more than 450,000 international students enroll each year to study in the UK. This provides a solid picture of how the UK performs well in terms of offering an academic experience that is […]

adminJanuary 18, 2023

According to the best US education consultants in Delhi, the United States has established itself as the most popular country for studying abroad. This can be attributed to the universities’ reputations and the prestige associated with looking at them. According to estimates, about one million students learn abroad in the United States each year, which has been growing over […]