04. February 2023

Can Urgent Care Billing Really Benefit from Offshore Delegation?


Coming to terms with Urgent Care billing challenges

Urgent Care billing, as with most other forms of billing for various healthcare services and products – a group that together constitutes the ‘medical billing’ corpus – poses a common set of threats and challenges. Urgent Care billing is marked by speed and accuracy. The former is due to the ambulatory nature of the patients that practically walk into such facilities and demand to be treated, leaving the billing desk with little time to prepare itself for their arrival. This requires them to be quick in capturing all the necessary patient data – thoroughly and accurately – that would eventually go into formulating the claim for reimbursement by the insurance payer. Any missing information can be extremely difficult to collect after the patient has walked out of the facility, and such gaps invariably lead to missed revenue.

It is not difficult to understand that true efficiency in Urgent Care billing can be achieved only by employing skilled and expert billers, preferably those with deep knowledge of payor norms and reimbursement caveats. However, such personnel can sometimes get extremely difficult to find, or are simply too expensive to hire. And yet, no Urgent Care facility likes to see its collections compromised due to inefficient billing. So, is there really a solution to end this crisis?

Employing expert assistance with economy

The most viable solution, and also one that apparently checks out all the boxes, is strategic outsourcing. In many cases, the solution lies in offshore outsourcing that lets healthcare businesses bypass the steep labor costs of the domestic market and take advantage of remarkably lower rates as offered by other countries for similar services. Of course, such deputation of billing services to an external agency requires it to comply with quite a few mandatory requirements and standards. The delivery of such services is also heavily dependent on international telecom services and high speed internet connectivity. There is little other difference that exists in the offshore billing mode.


The biggest advantage is getting almost instantaneous access to a vast pool of dedicated billers, coders and other revenue cycle management personnel without having to scour the employment market. The onus of training these personnel, providing them with the necessary infrastructure, and of being fully responsible for the best quality output, lies fully with these billing service providers. With such excellent assurances, Urgent Care centers can confidently entrust their billing tasks to their trained hands and have more time to focus on patient care than on chasing collections. 

Josh Knoll

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