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April 13, 2022

Mushrooms are a separate kingdom of wildlife, and their beneficial effect on the human body has already been well studied by scientists. They are used to diversify the diet, lose weight, and some species and for the treatment of certain diseases. To date, the most common mushrooms that can be found in the store are champignons and oyster mushrooms. So what is their use?

Oyster mushrooms contain a rich vitamin complex, which has a beneficial effect on the human body. So, they found in their composition: vitamin A – it is able to improve vision and helps in healing wounds, a full complex of B vitamins – have the function of cell regeneration, strengthen the nervous and immune systems, as well as metabolism, help in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. 

But that’s not all: oyster mushrooms also contain important vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus and form bone tissue, and the nicotinic acid contained in buy mushrooms canada helps to remove cholesterol. In addition to the vitamin composition, oyster mushrooms contain trace elements such as magnesium, zinc, fluorine, sodium, calcium and phosphorus. These mushrooms will help the body speed up metabolism.

Champignons are the most popular mushrooms in the world and it is not difficult to find them on store shelves. In their composition, they have proteins, fats, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and copper. 

Like oyster mushrooms, champignons are rich in vitamins, including B vitamins, vitamin C, nicotinic acid and vitamin H. Also, these mushrooms contain L-ergothioneine and conjugated linoleic acid, which help to eliminate toxins, have anti-cancer properties and slow down aging .

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