27. March 2023

Book Cover Design And Formatting Services

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Professional and affordable Book Cover Design

A good book cover design is a best-selling tool. A professionally designed cover instantly (and beautifully) conveys the essence of the book. 

A professionally designed cover immediately conveys the essence of the book. Our knowledgeable team has years of experience in print design across a wide variety of genres. Whether you want the cover of your new novel to be bold, or the cover of your freshly baked cookbook to stand out. , Scribe Magazine’s designers create custom book covers that you can be proud of.

Create your dream book cover design and formatting with professional book design and affordable. Create a quote for your book project using our online quote maker. Simply select your book format, cover style, binding style, cover finish, print style, paper type, and design preferences in the add-ons section. 

Once you’ve selected the appropriate design options and saved your quote, you’ll be asked to complete a short design survey. This gives us the opportunity to share our overall vision. You can upload your own image or have a designer use professional resources to complete your book cover. 

Scribe Magazine is a book cover design company whose designers combine your input with their unique expertise to create a custom book cover you’ll be proud to display. He will also send you a PDF proof for approval before the book is sent to the printer.

Book cover designs for every author

Books are judged by their cover! If you are ready to learn how we make your book cover design unique, then you have come to the right place.

Custom book cover design 

According to Bowker, in 2016 he was awarded over 786,000 ISBNs to self-published authors. And the number is increasing year by year. Readers can choose from thousands of eBooks. So why would a reader stop browsing and click on a book title?

Professionally designed, genre-appropriate, attractive, and the eye-catching cover art is the first step to success. We can create an original book cover design that justifies the great story you’ve written and leaves a memorable first impression on your readers.

Premade book cover 

Looking for high-quality, professionally designed book covers at an affordable price? Check out our collection of unique ready-made book covers. 

All covers in our collection are exclusive. Once purchased, the cover will be removed from our website immediately and will never be sold again.

Ad design and digital marketing for authors 

Just because you publish a new novel doesn’t mean your readers know it. It’s important to present your book in a big way and leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

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