25. March 2023

Benefits of Antique Brass Chandeliers


Modern chandeliers are considered the best sources of lighting in a room. They integrate functionality and elegance giving the meaning of style and elegance. Crystal chandeliers are among the most common types of chandeliers. A crystal chandelier refers to a series of bulbs that are surrounded by glass crystals reflecting light in the entire space. Crystal chandeliers are very ornate and formal. Many people prefer to have brass crystal chandeliers in their room due to the following benefits;

  • Variety of Designs 

Brass crystal chandeliers are available in many different designs. The various designs vary in terms of bulb arrangement and the entire shape and size. These buyers can get what fits and blends with the space. Crystal chandeliers complement most interior themes and they widely reflect preference. There are different designs available for each space. You just have to choose wisely.

  • Long-lasting

Brass is made of proportions of copper and zinc which make it a strong material. Brass entry chandelier have a guarantee to last longer without fading or rusting compared to other chandeliers made from other materials such as iron. Buying a modern chandelier is quite costly and durability is a must.

  • Flexibility

Due to their vast designs, crystal chandeliers can fit most room spaces. They can fit in bedrooms, living rooms, the dining area in offices, and even the bathroom area. the chandeliers are in various sizes and styles suitable for each room. Different crystal chandelier designs will require different bulb types which make them suitable for most spaces from those that require bright to dull lighting.

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

Unlike other chandelier types, Crystal chandeliers are very easy to clean and maintain. You just have to make sure dust does not build around by wiping it off regularly. With just the basic cleaning materials in a home, you can be able to clean the chandeliers. Fallen crystal pieces are easy to replace and can be found in chandelier stores.

  • Save up on Energy

Paying for electricity is expensive. Antique brass chandeliers are energy-efficient compared to other chandelier types. They effectively scatter light around the room and thus only a few bulbs are needed to provide sufficient lighting. This will help cut the cost of energy.

  • Saves Space 

Some lighting fixtures such as lamps can occupy significant space in a room. They can also be dangerous for pets and kids playing and running around. Lamp wires can trip off kids causing serious injuries. Crystal chandeliers do not occupy any spaces on the floor as thy hang safely on the ceiling. They are therefore not safety hazards as long as they are installed perfectly and they will save your space for other purposes.

  • No wall Damage

Minimalistic modern lighting fixtures will require one to drill holes for mounting on the wall and whenever you redecorate the room you will be required to cover the holes and move the lights. Drilling holes will eventually weaken the wall and it can end up collapsing. Crystal chandeliers are installed in the ceiling and you don’t have to move them every time you rearrange or redecorate the room. It will save you the hassle and damages that may occur during the process.

  • Larger Coverage

Compared to other lighting fixtures chandeliers provide greater coverage. Crystal chandeliers provide ambient lighting even in spaces that cannot be covered by other sources of lighting. Brass crystal chandeliers are beautiful and create a warm atmosphere. If you wish to transform your space, they are one of the best ideas to integrate.

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