Benefits and Proper Ways of Addressing Cards

February 18, 2022

Greetings play an essential role in everyday conversational routines and are commonly used as a ritual form of politeness. As such it serves as an important function in building and maintaining social relationships. The same is true even in the case of greeting cards. But is there a future for greeting cards in the age of e-mail and instant messaging? Greeting cards brings the knowledge that someone cares enough about you to take time to pick out a card and draft a special message to you.

A greeting card expresses all human emotions of joy, gratitude, sympathy, humor, love, and admiration. It allows us to connect on an emotional level with the people who have touched our lives. So the next time you are debating sending a quick email or actual greeting card, be sure to opt for an option that helps you convey well the message you wish to send.  There are however proper ways of addressing people whenever you plan on sending them cards. Here are a few guidelines to guide you;

  • When signing a card from you to your spouse, the woman’s name should appear first then her husband’s.
  • When signing cards from the entire family, the father’s name should appear first followed by the mother’s name and then the children’s in the order from oldest to youngest.
  •  Always use proper titles
  • When addressing an envelope to a married couple, a man’s name should appear first
  • Use stamps rather than run envelopes through the postage meter
  • Buy the best quality cards. If you don’t know where to find them, visit our website and buy our unique greeting cards online and send them to your friends or relatives.


If you follow the above guidelines, your greeting cards will convey the message and feeling that is intended for.

There is a certain feeling of excitement you get when you receive a greeting card. In fact, according to research, receiving a handwritten note or card has a far greater emotional impact and makes people feel far more special and cared about than receiving emails or instant messages. Why are cards meaningful?

  • Cards are sensory- the act of receiving a card involves all of your senses. You look at the card, hear while tearing up the seal, you smile while reading. All these senses make cards special.

Cards take time- time is taken visiting a shop and selecting a card, composing it, buying stamps, and posting it. The invested time and efforts involved shows how much you care whenever you

  • send someone a unique card.
  • Cards celebrate life events- cards are used to mark the most significant events in our lives. Receiving a card gives you something tangible to display, keep, and look at whenever you need a reminder of those kind words at that special moment or day.
  • Cards make memories- cards are often kept and looked back on. Cards can be treasured for years and be read again and again making them very beneficial to send to your loved ones.
  • Cards can help you get your message across- you can express things that might be hard to say one on one in a card. This could be an apology or a message of sympathy. A card gives you a chance to plan what you want to say, how to say it, and how to explain your feelings.


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