Bamboo – Top 7 Reasons to Choose Bamboo Furniture

July 2, 2021

Bamboo is a natural source, and bamboo furniture is an evergreen choice. 

Though you make furniture from a natural source, you don’t have to worry about losing it. Because bamboo is the fastest renewable species, it spreads like a weed. 

Bamboo is famous for its fast growth and is known for its spreading into other areas. Bamboo grows ten times faster than other hardwood materials. This property of bamboo makes your furniture eco-friendly and aesthetic. Presently bamboo has become the most stylish way to furnish your home and office. It will give you an indoor forest-like appearance.  

Apart from styling, bamboo furniture is durable, sustainable. Here we will tell you about some exciting bamboo facts and why it is the best material for your furniture.

Seven considerable reasons for choosing bamboo as the material of your furniture

Bamboo is the world’s most renewable material. 

Bamboo is not a tree; it belongs to the grass category. So, it is fast growing in nature. It does not require pesticides or fertilizer to grow; it has self-generating properties from its root after harvest. Bamboo plantations do not need so much time and money. It is a type of cost-effective harvesting. Baby shoots come from the roots every season, and they are ready to harvest within just five to six years.

If you ever harvest bamboo in your garden, you can notice how rapidly the plant spread. Though bamboo is a fast-growing plant, removing bamboo wastage is a challenging job than bamboo planting. From this example, you can understand why bamboo is an appropriate material for your furniture without depleting the natural source. 

Bamboo needs minimal water to grow properly.

Bamboo needs water to grow faster, but the requirement is much less than many other plant alternatives. Bamboo is the best alternative to any synthetic or plastic material. It requires significantly less water than any other harvested plant. Bamboo trees need minimal attention to grow.


Bamboo is a versatile material.

There is a total of 1000 different bamboo species available in our nature. The bamboo plant stem ranges from few centimeters to 40 meters in longitude and height. There are multiple usages for bamboo for your home. Now some excellent furniture has been created from bamboo. Chairs, beds, nightstands, bookshelves, tables, hand boards, mirror frames, wallpaper, and backsplashes can be prepared from wood and bamboo. All bamboo products are durable and resilient. Bamboo is a suitable material for shades, blinds, and privacy screens.

Now bamboo flooring has become famous for its design, providing a warm, casual and impressive look.

Bamboo material s durable/resilient

Bamboo furniture is steady and sustainable than most furniture in the market. It can be considered as among the headrest wood. Bamboo is insect resistant and moisture resistant. 

This property makes bamboo an appropriate candidate for an outdoor event. If you use bamboo material for your furniture, there would be less chance of scratch. Bamboo is hardwood, resistant to swelling. 

One scientific study proves that the tensile strength of bamboo is 28,000 per square inch, more than steel’s strength of 23000. After lamination, bamboo strength is increased, and the lamination offers another layer against tear and wears, the consequences of use.

Bamboo furniture is gorgeous.

We all aware of the glossy, bright, and smooth texture of bamboo. The appearance of the bamboo provides a pleasant feeling. The appearance of the color can be enhanced through staining. You can make an interior design with bamboo material with the texture of beech wood (the classy dark shade). That’s why bamboo is the preferable material for an interior designer.  

Bamboo reduces the top-soil loss.


In the last 150 years, we have lost more than 50% of the fertile top-soil because of poor agricultural practices, excessive chemical pesticides and herbicides, and deforestation. But fortunately, bamboo can reduce top-soil loss. Now forests are cut down to create harvesting soil for growing crops. Consequently, soil loses its structure that was held together by a complex network of the root. It can cause severe natural circumstances, landslides, and floods.

But harvesting bamboo tree saves our environment from the top-soil loss. So, bamboo is not only perfect for furniture but also good for nature. It minimizes erosion and retains organic nutrients. 

Bamboo is biodegradable

Bamboo is a biodegradable element. It is an entirely natural resource; it can quickly degrade and revert in the soil as a simple particle. So, it is a better substitute for plastic.


Here we have elaborated on the positive aspects of using bamboo in your furniture. Bamboo gives your furniture essential durability with an aesthetic outlook. So, use bamboo furniture in the home, door event, and outdoor event. If you are hosting an outdoor event, bamboo furniture is the best option. To get a quality product, contact furniture hire in London.

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