27. March 2023

Apparel buying house in tirupur | Importance of apparel buying house in India

Importance of apparel buying house in India
  • Most of the buyers are not aware of choosing the right manufacturers. They depend on the garment buying houses for finding the right manufacturer for their product.
  • Manufacturers also have less or no idea about getting orders from foreign countries. So they too depend on buying houses for their business to move to the export level.
  • A typical buying house consists of product development facilities, sampling rooms for products, testing equipment, and showrooms. They will work with different brands and buyers at a time.
  • Apparel buying houses have several skilled professionals like garment merchandisers, technicians, quality control, and logistics manager.
  • The main duty of the garment buying houses is searching the foreign buyers, sampling, and placing the order. Coordinating with the buyer and manufacturer for product quality and delivering the order on time.
  • They hold the responsibility to handle fabric preferences, product varieties, color, and cost of the product.
  • Buying offices communicate with buyers and manufacturers during the entire process daily.
  • Buying office provides great support for both manufacturers and foreign buyers. They are acting as a bridge between the manufacturers and buyers.



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