30. November 2022

Android application developments to watch out for in 2022


The android app development industry moving in a fast-paced way, it has bought complete digital transformation at the global level. When an entrepreneur thinks of mobile application development, no doubt the android operating system is the one he will choose to reach more people at an affordable cost.

Let’s dig some current trends & stats to consider for 2022


Any web or mobile application must work fast to deliver the best results to the end-user. Application performance management (APM) and enterprise mobile management (EMM) are the two primary elements of mobile app development. These technologies are used to reduce the slowness of the mobile app.

It is used to optimize and monitor the performance of your apps. It increases the speed & competitiveness and enhances the user experience.

Android jetpack

Jetpack is the suite of libraries, tools, and best practices that helps to write high-quality codes or apps. It supports the mobile app developers to write code that works consistently across all versions of android.

It helps to build modern robust android applications


Kotlin is the latest open-source multiplatform library that is used to write code that supports multiplatform logic. It helps to improve leveraging the flexibility benefit of reducing the time spent for code conflicting and gives more power to modern multiplatform mobile applications.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is an emerging and popular one. By 2026 blockchain market is said to grow 62.73%. Decentralized apps run transactions on blockchain technology. They offer high security, the fastest transaction, and reliable data records. Decentralized apps are the future of android app development.

Touchless UI

Touchless UI is the most innovative technology discovery in the field of mobile app development. Making the user experience to the next level of comfort by developing touchless UI. Through voice recognition, hand signals, and gestures with less or zero effort. This feature is most useful for aged and disabled persons.

Wrapping up

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