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June 20, 2022

The Jordan Travis Scott 1 has many things at once: the first signature shoe of the greatest basketball player ever, a port that has changed to a permanent collection, and a classic that excites and connects generations. It is also a very popular brand today, with hundreds of different versions being produced over the past decade. This week, with all things Michael Jordan returned to public awareness for The Last Dance, Ringer will explore the history of AJ1, the retail market still dominates, and how Nike and Jordan Brand set the future model.

There is a story behind almost every pair of Air Jordan 1s. The old Bred color represents a young player who loves the whole world; they are a great sound to Michael Jordan as a marketing icon and much of what is known as “tag culture.” Shattered Backboards have been compared to the uniform he wore during the 1985 Italian show when he smashed the back board. The Barons are a reminder that the greatest basketball player in the world once took a year off to ride a bus to the minor leagues. Lettermans shows the memorization of the colors of the tracksuit worn by young Michael when he told the night show presenter that he.

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The story of the first retro shoe package is one of discarded.

In 1994, with retired Michael Jordan starting a new career in the White Sox farm system, Nike did something he would do hundreds of times to impress many fans over the next 25 years: the re-release of the long-running Air Jordans pairs. production. At first the company did, Instagram, not many people cared. Marking 10 years of its flagship shoes, Nike has dropped the popular color pairs of Bred and Chicago, making it available to the public for the first time since its release in 1986.

Perhaps the $

80 price tag was too much for an old shoe while the new ones were less expensive at the time. Maybe it was the fact that Jordan was out playing baseball. Perhaps it was a plethora of other sneaker options on the market, including the latest MJ, the Air Jordan 10. The shoes sat on the shelves. Retailers are starting to reduce the price, reaching $ 19.99. And then, as Kenneth Myers Jr. remembering, they arrived at stores that were not known for handling the desired kick.

“I can’t say they were arrested,” said Myers Jr., a 25-year-old AJ1 aficionado holding an Instagram account and tracking his love of tags in those 1994 retros. “Sears, JCPenney, depending on where you live, is where you would find them.”

Michael Jordan competes in the NBA All Star Slam Dunk Competition

Michael Jordan during the 1985 slam dunk race in Indianapolis, Indiana Andrew D. Bernstein / NBAE with Getty Images
The story is unthinkable

The story is unthinkable today, when similar retro once dropped to $ 19.99 sold 100 times that price and AJ1 is more valuable than ever to Jordan Brand, which became its company under the Nike umbrella in 1997. the brand sent its first quarter of $ 1 billion, led by the sale of two shoes: the newest from the signing line, the Air Jordan 34, and the original Jordan 1, which saw at least 80 different versions released in 2019.

In theory, the second

Most popular retro in 2019, the Jordan 4, had 18 drops.) The demand for the classic silhouette is very high, even surpassing what it was when the shoe disrupted the sneakers industry 35 years ago. And with Last Dance dominating the hype of a favorite basketball son, the demand can only increase.

“It’s very difficult to separate Michael’s country from the shoe world of which we are a part,” said Jordan Brand vice-president Gentry Humphrey. “They are exactly the same, they are the same.”

The Jordan 1 is back at the head of the shoe table, with a new program Jordan Travis Scott daily, and versions from the standard release everyone is kicking off on luxury items like the planned Dior AJ1 that will cost $ 2,000. But how did the 35-year-old model become the most sought after sneaker in the sport? It turns out it’s like Michael Jordan’s revitalized hype himself, not just recognizing greatness; it is about finding new ways to tell stories that make up a myth.

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