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April 14, 2022

In this composition, we want to introduce you to buy dmt canada different types of button mushroom quality grades. Button mushrooms are one of the most extensively consumed comestible mushrooms in recent times, which are a rich source of colorful vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Fortunately, our country, Iran, is one of the poles of producing comestible mushrooms, which annually provides further than thousands of tons of standard and quality comestible mushrooms needed by the country, and also exports hundreds of thousands of tons of button mushrooms to other countries.

Due to the fact that button mushrooms are in high demand for consumption in our country and in neighboring countries, so we intend to get acquainted with the quality of button mushrooms.

Super mushroom ( decoration mushroom)

The loftiest quality grade in button mushrooms is super mushroom or decoration mushroom. This type of mushroom is fully white, has a appearance free of any dirt or stains, has a closed back cap, a short base and a fairly heavy weight. Super mushrooms are one of the main options for exporting mushrooms to other countries. Special packages are generally considered for the import of super mushrooms. Super import mushrooms are packed in bones- cast cartons. Inside the country, super quality mushrooms are packed in small baskets between 3 and 5 kg.

One of the reasons that super mushrooms are packed in small light baskets is that the mushrooms don’t crush each other due to pressure on each other and the mushrooms maintain theirquality.However, the mushrooms will be damaged due to pressure and will lose theirsuper-excellent quality, If larger baskets are considered for the packaging of super mushrooms.
Super mushroom is one of the luxury mushrooms and for this reason its price is advanced than other degrees of mushroom quality. For mushroom import, super mushrooms are generally used in tinderbox packages. The shelf life of super fungus is high and it lasts between 5 to 8 days. Super mushrooms are also used to bleach the mushrooms.

First class mushrooms

First- class mushrooms are weaker than super mushrooms, but they’re still considered as quality mushrooms. The main differences of first- class mushroomsWith super fungus, it appears that some of the substrate compost patches may remain on the face, which can be fluently removed after drawing or washing. Also, as mentioned in the description of super fungus, this type of fungus doesn’t have any visible stains, but first- class fungi may have some small spots on its face. It should be noted that the first- class mushroom is still white, thick in texture and with a closed back cap.

Also, after cutting a first- class mushroom, its inner part is white. Among the buyers and merchandisers of button mushrooms, first- class mushrooms are also known as weak mushrooms, but this doesn’t mean that this type of mushroom is weak, but weak mushrooms mean the poorer quality of this type of mushroom than super mushrooms. The criterion of weakness compared to super mushrooms is examined.

Alternate degree mushrooms

Alternate- class mushrooms are of the quality of button mushrooms after super mushrooms and first- class mushrooms. This type of fungus is classified as a fairly weak fungus. Alternate- degree mushrooms are generally packaged in large baskets of 9 to 10 kg. The appearance of the alternate degree fungus is spotted, the cap on the reverse of the fungus is fully open, the texture of the fungus issemi-dense and the fungi are placed in packing baskets in different sizes, small and large. Alternate grade mushrooms have a shorter shelf life than super mushrooms and first grade mushrooms and it’s better to consume them incontinently after purchase.


The longer the time of consumption of the alternate- degree mushroom, the further spots on the face of the mushroom, the further the cap of the mushroom opens and the more the mushroom spoils. The price of alternate grade mushrooms is more suitable than super and first grade mushrooms and it can be used for home use. Alternate- class mushrooms are stylish bought fresh and in temperance.

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