Americans for Limited Government: China stock market cheating signals time for divestment

June 10, 2022

If hedge funds and different riskier investment managers would like to play Chinese roulette with their shareholders cash that’s between them and their clients, however these investments haven’t any place in retirement funds. it’s time for the Labor and Treasury Departments to guard yank retirees by ban non-transparent Chinese investments.”

In addition, each state and section should examine their holdings, removing exposure to Chinese investments so as to guard their remunerator interests from equities and bonds that are solely nearly as good as the Chinese Communist Party says they are.”

What’ more, all doubt has been removed that Chinese investments ought to be purged from Americans for Limited Government all pension and different centralized sanctioned retirement funds as they’re clearly unsuitable beneath the standards set under the worker Retirement and Investment Securities Act (ERISA).

“While the national security problems with investments in Chinese multi-nationals are obvious for a while, the Wall Street Journal has reportable on a brand new study that outlines variety of instances wherever socially connected Chinese investors jumped to the top of the road to require advantage of reports that caused stocks to chop-chop decline in what would be prosecutable trading at intervals the United States.


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