All You Need To Know About M.Sc Computer Science

December 15, 2021

There has been a constant growth in computer science-related fields. This is because of the technological advancements taking place in the world every single day. Today, each aspect of our lives is impacted by technology in some way or the other. This is why there is such an urgent need for computer science professionals today. M.Sc in Computer Science would be a great course for students who are enthusiastic about computer science. Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in computer science can apply for this course.


Opting for M.Sc in computer science opens up a lot of new opportunities for students. Let us look at some more details about the course.


Benefits of M.Sc Computer Science


  1. Large number of career opportunities: Due to the fact that this field is constantly growing, there is always a demand for computer science professionals in the job market. Students pursuing M.Sc Computer Science have a good chance at employment, especially since AISECT University has a placement cell. The number of jobs available is expected to increase in the coming years. 

  2. Good salary packages: Technology is evolving almost every other day. There are major advancements in fields such as machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence and other related technologies. This has led to an increase in the number of jobs available in computer science-related fields. Job roles in these industries are very well paying. The average salary in India is 6 Lakhs per annum. 

  3. Jobs in different sectors: Every industry has a large number of jobs related to computer science. Some of the industries that are always looking for computer science professionals include health, education, finance, communication, transportation, engineering and trading. There are software programs that need to be developed for each of these industries, which is why computer science professionals have a lot of scope of work in these industries. 

  4. Global career opportunities: Students who complete any computer science course have the opportunity to work in any part of the world. The university makes sure that the students have skills that are necessary for working in different locations. 

Course details

M.Sc or Master of Science in Computer Science is a two-year postgraduate course. It is a full-time course that has a duration of four semesters. The curriculum of this course varies, depending on the specialization chosen by the student. Some subjects are common for all the specializations. Here are some of them


  • Programming Languages

  • Discrete Mathematics

  • Distributed Systems

  • Theory of Computation

  • Complexity Theory

  • Mathematical Logic

  • Probability and Statistics

  • Computer Systems Verification

  • Data Mining and Machine Learning


Which is a good M.Sc Computer Science college?

If you are looking for a good M.Sc Computer Science college, AISECT University in Jharkhand would be a very good choice for you. Students have the option to study this course in both distance and regular modes of education, depending on the personal preference of the student. The faculty at the university is very experienced and qualified. They aspire to make sure that every student learns to their full potential. The faculty is also enthusiastic about teaching, which keeps the students encouraged. They make sure to incorporate different methods of teaching like theoretical and practical methods to include every different learning style. Practical sessions and workshops are included in the curriculum to keep students interested in the course. 

 Along with these, guest lectures, conferences and seminars are a regular part of the curriculum. These events give the students an opportunity to hear about the challenges faced by professionals working in the field for many years. Once the event is over, students have the opportunity to interact with the speakers and get their individual queries addressed. This also helps the students form good relationships with professionals in the industry. 

The university has an infrastructure that was designed by professionals. The campus is huge and has very large beautiful grounds. The university also has laboratories equipped with the latest technology, and a library with every imaginable book on all the subjects students would require for further study. After university hours, students can be found in the library. 

The university also has a placement cell that ensures that all students are well prepared and groomed for interviews. This includes soft skills training as well. Since the university has good tie-ups with multiple companies, it would not be difficult for a student to get a job after graduation. 


What makes a student eligible for this course?

In order to be eligible for this course, students must score at least 50% aggregate in their higher secondary examinations, with science as a stream. It is not necessary for students to have any prior knowledge of computer science. Admissions are based on merit. 

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