27. January 2023

All about a breast reduction recovery kit 


You should start arranging for a recovery kit before breast reduction surgery. The things that you want to include in a recovery kit are, to an extent, customizable to your preferences, and several women include things in a breast reduction recovery kit as per their preference and comfort. 

The major contents of a breast reduction recovery kit 

You should add the following contents to a breast reduction recovery kit: 

  • Lip balm 
  • Bottled water 
  • Tissues 
  • Snacks bottles that are easy to open & eat 
  • Baby wipes for usage until you are permitted to shower
  • The remote of your television 
  • Your cell phone 
  • “Bendy” straws for drinking so that you do not have to strain yourself while drinking any fluid. 
  • You can also pile a few of your favourite books if you are an ardent reader. You should include books that do not require a lot of brain power to read. 
  • You can fill up your Netflix lists with your favourite shows and movies. 
  • You should necessarily include your phone’s charger within easy reach.
  • Keep track of your post-operative medications by using the calendar on your phone. 

Apart from the long list of essentials included in the above list, you should also keep a lot of pillows handy. You can use these pillows for sitting at a 45-degree angle and be more comfortable while sitting upright or lying flat. Sitting in such a position will surely help reduce bruising and swelling during the recovery phase after the breast reduction surgery. 


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