31. January 2023

Advantages of using the Best Quality MCT Oil from Ukonyx


So what is this so-called MCT oil? MCT in full (medium-chain triglyceride) is a popular supplement among gym-goers and is an excellent source of energy. The oil is made from saturated fatty acids that are quickly metabolized into ketones which help your body with energy. MCT is usually extracted from coconut oil which is why more than fifty percent of the fat in coconut oil comes from MCT. It is way easier to digest the MCT oil compared to the longer-chain fatty acids present in many other foods, this is possible because the MCT oil contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. As a supplement, the MCT oil acts as an appetite suppressant by boosting fullness and satiety while raising energy levels. How is this possible? This is possible because the oil enables the body to utilize a quick and readily available form of energy that does not require to be stored in our tissues for later consumption.

In this article, we will take you through the benefits of using the best quality MCT oil from ukonyx. The advantages are as explained below.

Helps in the process of losing weight

MCT oil when used can help the user in his or her weight loss journey. So how can MCT oil help in promoting weight loss? This is possible when you take the best mct oil for keto right before a meal, doing this will help you in reducing your overall caloric intake by rising satiety and temporarily reducing hunger pangs. The oil also promotes weight loss by directly increasing fat loss thus enabling you to lose weight and also have a smaller waist circumference. MCT oil helps in reducing hunger pangs because when using the oil there will be a lower rise in triglycerides and glucose which in turn creates the feeling of fullness. The MCT oil can also help in creating a suitable gut environment which will in turn lead to you losing weight. MCT oil helps in optimizing the growth of good bacteria and also it supports the gut lining hence helping you lose weight. You can take MCT oil in liquid oil or gel capsule form.


Another advantage of using the best quality MCT oil is that your body can quickly absorb the oil compared to long-chain triglycerides that contain more carbons in their fatty acid chains. Having a shorter chain length helps the MCTs to move more quickly from the gut to the liver, hence it does not require the help of bile to be broken down. Being able to be broken down easily without any assistance from bile has resulted in the MCT being used as an immediate source of energy.

Using MCT Oil can help in lowering the rate of lactic acid in Athletes.

The other benefit of consuming MCT oil is that the oil can assist in decreasing the lactate buildup in athletes and use the fat for energy. Your lactate level can rise during your workout session which can negatively impact your exercise program. To avoid this you are advised to take the MCT oil before working out which will help to use more fat than using carbs for energy.


Another advantage of using the best quality MCT oil is that you can use it for cooking purposes. Compared to the other oils it is much more convenient and healthier to use MCT oil for cooking your meals. While cooking you should make sure that to never use the oil at extremely high temperatures, why is this case? This is because when the MCT oil is exposed to high temperatures the oil will begin to smoke and burn hence causing free-radical damage to your food.

People usually have concerns about whether it is safe to use MCT oils but we at ukonyx would like to tell you that it is generally safe and can be well-tolerated when used by healthy adults. You should always make sure that you properly take the MCT Oil and that you should take them in smaller dosages while gradually increasing the dosages.

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