5 Things You Should Do To Achieve Cherry edibles

April 26, 2022

A more common mushroom than the first, the parasol cherry edibles mushroom (Macrolepiota procera). Toxic when eaten raw, the parasol mushroom is both altitudinous and wide, reaching up to 30 centimeters and its stem can reach 25 centimeters in height. It owes its name to its chapeau which resembles a pestle. It has an violent, meaty flavor and is substantially fried, schnitzel style, sheeting the big cap in egg and breadcrumbs. A real treat to try.

poplar pholiota

Poplar pholiotas (Cyclocybe aegerita) are fungi that can be cultivated but are also plant in the wild. They’ve a veritably particular sweet taste that gives a rich flavor to any form they can be used to make preserves in canvas, but also for fresh pasta or risotto dishes, with repasts or croquettes. These mushrooms can also be cooked independently, in a visage as an incident, in trifoliate form. Warning they shouldn’t be eaten raw because they’re poisonous.

Oyster mushrooms

One of the easiest species to grow, but also plant in cornucopia in the wild the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus). Also known as giant cognizance, they’ve an earthy yet delicate flavor and a hard thickness. Oyster mushrooms have a cap that measures 7 to 14 centimeters, argentine brown or black. They’re veritably protean in the kitchen and can be used in numerous different medications.

Like coumelles, they can be breaded and fried, but they’re also excellent grilled orpan-fried. They’re perfect with strong seasoned flesh, similar as pork bangers, but can also be ignited au gratin. Again, only eat them after cooking them.

Chanterelles, chanterelles

The chanterelle has different standardized names, similar as common, cadaverous, unheroic, violet, flake, minor, chanterelle, etc. It’s still Cantharellus cibarius, a mushroom that could also be eaten raw, but has a bitter taste. It’s always stylish to bleach it first, in order to exclude this note (and also other spores).

It can be saved in canvas or ginger, fried, fried, but it’s also dried it’s frequently used with other mushrooms to the point of being nicknamed the”parsley of mushrooms”; in some countries, the chanterelle is indeed considered more precious than the boletus.


One of the most unusual mushrooms is the morel a species with a short, firm, white stalk and a spongy cap that at first regard resembles a beehive. Morels can fluently be confused with the “ false morel,” Gyromitra esculenta, a toxic fungus that can beget serious problems and indeed death. So pay attention to these details when picking morels.

Morels have a delicate, sweet and affable taste, which makes them perfect for seasoning first courses or as an incident before being used in colorful fashions, they can be boiled but also dried.


Puffballs are round, stalkless mushrooms anchored to the ground by bitsy, thin roots. They divide into Calvatia maxes and Lycoperdon gemmatum, the major and minor bladderworts independently. The large (or mammoth) puffball is a mushroom that can reach enormous sizes and weigh up to 5 kg.

Less common than the other species mentioned, they should be eaten when ripe as they progress, their toxin increases. Puffballs can be ignited, au gratin, breaded and fried, or grilled, sliced, as you would a steak.

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