5 films about a healthy lifestyle

April 27, 2022

PlanEda (Planeat), 2010

This is the story of three people: biochemist Colin Campbell, nutritionist Caldwell Esselstyn and climate scientist Gidon Eshel movies to watch on shroom.

They spend their lives looking for a diet that is good for human health and good for the environment. With the help of innovative farmers and chefs, the film shows how we can solve the problems we face today without resorting solely to a diet of lentils and lettuce. It turned out not just a story about plant foods, but a story that food can change everything.

Forks Over Knives (2011)

Movie tagline: “Attention! This movie can save your life!”

It reveals in an accessible form the results of the largest and most revolutionary scientific and clinical studies on the relationship between nutrition and chronic diseases: diabetes, various types of cancer, cardiovascular, autoimmune and other diseases. What is the research of the aforementioned Colin Campbell in the field of cancer. It covered about 100,000 people, lasted several years, and took into account more than 300 variables. In addition to the film, there is also a book of the same name, Forks Against Knives. The easy way to health. In 2016, its  Russian translation appeared .

The Truth About Getting Fit (The True About Getting Fit), 2018

Medical journalist Michael Mosley is testing different weight loss and recovery methods on himself. One of them helped him beat diabetes. In this film, under the supervision of specialists, he checks on himself: is it enough to play sports for two minutes a week; what load really helps to build muscle; Can physical activity improve mental health? The film also talks about how science can help each of us train better and more efficiently.

Brain for pumping (Redesign My Brain), 2013

Australian broadcaster Todd Sampson experiments on himself to test the limits of neuroplasticity. Its task is to improve memory, become smarter and overcome aging. In one of the episodes, Todd, not at all a fan of pools and swims, allows himself to be locked in handcuffs under water: the task is to get to the surface with the efforts of the brain. The series won the 2014 Australian Film Academy Grand Prize for Best Documentary.

Body Clock: What Makes Us Tick?, 2018

In 2017, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to three scientists for research in the field of biological rhythms. There is no doubt: these rhythms greatly affect human health.

How then to sleep and stay awake in order to live in an optimal schedule? The answer to this question is suggested by an experiment with former military Aldo Kane, who spent 10 days in complete isolation in an abandoned bunker, experiencing different lighting conditions. A team of scientists is monitoring how Kane is synchronizing with the rest of the world and how this affects his physical and mental state. Also in the film there are scientific explanations of sleep and useful tips. The film can also be viewed in  Russian .

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