5 Easy Ways to Revive Your Outdated Sofa Style

June 18, 2022

It is no secret that the living room is the focal point of homes. The couch is the main piece of furniture for ample seating for both family and friends alike. However, with time, a sofa can become stained, outdated, and end up looking bland and dull.

Gladly, you can upgrade your sofa without getting a new one. Yes, you heard it right! One of the clever ways to revive your old sofa is to buy sofa covers in trendy styles and colors. Perhaps, something neutral and simpler would be a wise choice to elevate the look and feel of your living area.

After giving you support throughout these years, your sofa might be a little tired. Maybe, it’s time to revitalize your old couch. Fret not, this post will cover ways to give a new life to your old sofa.

1. Bring Structure back to the sofa
It is normal to see your pillows and cushions sagged after some good use and love affair. Fortunately, it’s rather easy to fix. Also, the frame of your sofa can get worn out, which results in your sofa to sag. 

Simply, take off your seat cushions, cut, and place a strong plywood piece. It gives optimal support to cushions, which means no more falling.

2. Dye your sofa covers
You might be tired of looking at your white slipcover and need a pop of color for more fun. If you’re low on budget, dyeing your slipcover is the best choice to restore your old couch. Dye all covers together as different batches of dye may result in different colors. It takes time but the results are definitely worth it.

3. Upgrade your slipcovers
Of course, not everyone has the skills or time to dye their own slipcover, so a custom slipcover is the best way to revive your couch. Whether you’re in a need of replacement sofa slipcover for Norsborg, IKEA, and other major brands, you can ask a reliable provider.

It gives you chance to choose from multiple fabrics, styles, colors, and patterns. You can also request samples to truly personalize your slipcover and give your sofa all-new life.

4. Change the sofa legs
Another way to revamp your couch is to change its legs. Updating your sofa with small touches like adding a throw pillow or blanket will let your personality shine through. It doesn’t take long but will make a lasting impression. 

5. Restore your old couch with re-upholstery
Reupholstery is an excellent choice if your sofa has an intricate design and requires a lot of details. Having your sofa reupholstered will help revive your sofa to its original glory. For instance, you can reupholster your IKEA sofa with attached cushions on the armrest. 


Ideally, the whole sofa makeover has no rocket science, it just needs minimal investment and effort. The main idea is to remove the old fabric and upholstery and replace it with a new, attractive one to make your ambience more welcoming. So, no more struggle with your dull and outdated sofa, when you can revive it through a relatively simple process.

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