07. August 2022

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Enterprise Toolkit


What does the toolkit provide?

  • Thousands of quality-assured resources

Evidence based, well researched and fact-checked. Our resources go way beyond a Google search, rigorously reviewed by our expert writers, editors and designers.

  • Showcase content that supports your L&D activity

Use playlists to shine the spotlight on an in-demand topic, promote your core values, or up-skill people with what they ‘need to know.’

  • Make it practical and shiny

Our resources don’t just look good. They’re practical as well. Expert hands-on exercises, tools and techniques to help people put theory into practice.

Designed for your team


The Mind Tools Enterprise toolkit comes equipped with features to help change behaviors and inspire development in your organization.

  • Help your people develop their workplace skills

Take control of personal development and boost performance, all in one device friendly solution.

  • We are committed to your success

Starting with stress-free onboarding, a dedicated Client Partner will remain at your side to work with you on increasing usage and maximizing impact.

  • New topical resources, added every week

From timeless tips to the latest L&D models, we update our content so it stays relevant and useful.


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